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    I like modding

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  1. Hello, i had a mod idea that made the creative menu much bigger (to fill like 90% of screen space) and make the icons slightly bigger so it's easier to see all the blocks because i sometime spend ages trying to find one block/item (could also just fill up left side of screen so NEI is still usefull) and another idea that could possibly be put in the same mod double hotbar for creative (or survival using bottom of inventory) which are accessed by normal scroll or shift-*number* to get to the extra ones. i suggest this because when your playing with mods like BC/logistic pipes/Railcraft it can kinda be a pain to have to keep switching into the inventory to get to them.
  2. Risugami's Biospheres mod for 1.3.2 does not work with Forge on an actual server (not LAN server) Crash report included,
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