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  1. K see now I'm pissed. It was working good enough (as far I am am concerned). I went fiddling with a couple things and after setting my entities back to inheriting EntityLiving and setting the Enum to Ambient...nothing...happens. Ah, the joy that is Forge. EDIT: And we delve even deeper into this mystery. Turns out all of my entities constructors are being called a couple times right at world initialization. I still never see them and after that, nothing else spawns or attempts too. And this is with the EntityLiving/Ambient setup. I remember reading something like this awhile ago. I'm gonna go see if I can find it again. FINAL EDIT: I'm pretty sure I serve as a cautionary tale for modders to always quintuple check their work. The code block in the constructor of my CustomEntityInfo.class that handled the instantiation of the proper biomeList was failing the if statement because the passed biomeList was never null as I was using that handy BiomeGenBase... parameter. TD:LR (whatever that means): Always, always check your passed biomes to your EntityRegistry.addSpawn() method if nothing is spawning and your spawn eggs still work. Good night and stay classy San Diego
  2. No, no errors of any kind coming from my mod on start up. Though there is one odd thing to note. Every time I start up a world, as I load into it, the constructor for one of my entities is called like clockwork. I never see it (unless it is underground) and no more ever spawn. Just an oddity I noticed a little while back while trouble shooting.
  3. A). Love your tutorials. B). I extended EntityMob and set the Enum to Creature and nothing spawns day or night. Any other ideas?
  4. Alright so I have half solved my problem. After having my AbstractEntity.class extend EntityLiving and setting my EnumCreatureType as Ambient, I get tons of spawns. However, is there any way to, say, extend EntityMob and set the Enum as Monster? Or even better, where are the controls located to control the finer details in terms of spawning? If anyone knows of a good tutorial/starting point, I would appreciate it!
  5. There are: Idiots, Illuminati believers, SOPA supporters, and then...10,000 leagues below all of them, well there's me. Just realized I never replaced the placeholder 0 i had in my CustomEntityInfo.getSpawnProbability() method. After that didn't fix it, I decided on a whim to check the contents of BiomeGenBase.getBiomeGenArray() at runtime...and found its empty. After replacing both of those things with concrete details, I get lovely zombies everywhere. Thanks to MinecraftForge.com for giving me a place to re-examine all of my code all over again. Till the next time I return a 0 instead of an actual value!
  6. After starting with tutorials such as Jabelar's excellent post on Custom Entities and then scouring the Forge forums for similar issues, I have been unable to find any solution that enables my mod to naturally spawn in entities. As a last resort, I'm posting here in hopes that someone can shed some light on my issue. CommonProxy.class public void postInit(FMLPostInitializationEvent e) { EntityManager.registerEntities(); } Note: I originally had it in the preInit method but I read somewhere that maybe what I was accessing hadn't been initialized yet (but not throwing an error?) so I moved it here. EntityManager.class public static void registerEntities() { //Entity.class, Texture Name, Tracking Range, Update Frequency, Should Track, Spawn Prob, Spawn min, Spawn Max RegistryManager.register(new CustomEntityInfo(Runner.class, "Runner", 80, 3, false, 1000, 1, 7)); } CustomEntityInfo is just a holding object for data I feed into the EntityRegistry. Click the spoiler should you wish to see it. And finally where the magic happens. RegistryManager.class public static void register(CustomEntityInfo e) { EntityRegistry.registerModEntity(e.getStoredClass(), e.getName(), e.getID(), Mod.instance, e.getTrackingRange(), e.getUpdateFreq(), e.getShouldTrack()); EntityRegistry.addSpawn(e.getStoredClass(), e.getSpawnProbability(), e.getSpawnMin(), e.getSpawnMax(), EnumCreatureType.creature, e.getSpawnBiomes()); } I have tried just about everything. I tried specifying Biomes directly in the EntityRegistry.addSpawn() method and I even tried extending EntityLiving and using EnumCreatureType.Ambient. They only thing I have not tried yet is using EntityRegistry's methods to register a Global ID as that is backwards thinking and there has to be some way to do this without limiting ourselves to only 255 mobs. If you can see where I messed up, a bit of insight would be a great help! #Edit: Realized I forgot to include my entity classes #Edit^2: Updated code to reflect changes mentioned in third post. Additional Classes: Runner.class BaseEnemy.class AbstractEntity.class
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