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  1. So if I use a custom Ingredient class I should be able to fix this, thanks!
  2. So in my mod I have a bunch of materials that are all the same item but with different NBT data which means in order to use them as ingredients in recipes I need to use the type minecraft:item_nbt or make a IngredientFactory, both methods cause the same issues I that I will explain after this. So here is my recipe json file first of all { "type": "forge:ore_shapeless", "ingredients": [ { "type": "minecraft:item_nbt", "item": "kk:synthesismaterial", "nbt": { "material": "sm.mythrilcrystal", "rank": "sm.rank.s" } }, { "type": "forge:ore_dict", "ore"
  3. Now that you mention where it's been registered... It's all my fault just checked again where I had it registered and well it was registered in both the init and postInit, now it makes sense why it was firing twice So no problem here everything is working fine
  4. So am I right in saying that ClientTickEvent should fire twice each tick? 1 for the start phase and 1 for the end phase. Since I have found that it fires twice per phase each tick, I simply made it print the phase and I get this: [11:33:11] [main/INFO] [STDOUT]: [uk.co.wehavecookies56.kk.client.core.handler.ClientEventHandler:onClientTick:26]: START [11:33:11] [main/INFO] [STDOUT]: [uk.co.wehavecookies56.kk.client.core.handler.ClientEventHandler:onClientTick:26]: START [11:33:11] [main/INFO] [STDOUT]: [uk.co.wehavecookies56.kk.client.core.handler.ClientEventHandler:onClientTick:26]: E
  5. Here it is, just happened again [21:18:25] [Netty Server IO #7/INFO] [FML]: Client attempting to join with 5 mods : minecraft@1.12,FML@,forge@,bonfires@1.1.2,mcp@9.19 [21:18:25] [Netty Local Client IO #3/ERROR] [FML]: HandshakeMessageHandler exception java.lang.ClassCastException: net.minecraftforge.fml.common.network.handshake.FMLHandshakeMessage$ServerHello cannot be cast to net.minecraftforge.fml.common.network.handshake.FMLHandshakeMessage$ModList at net.minecraftforge.fml.common.network.handshake.FMLHandshakeClientState$3.accept(FMLHandshakeClientState.java:99) ~
  6. This is still happening for me on
  7. I tried doing that, the problem is getting it perfectly aligned with the player. I have some really bad memories associated with aligning models with players... I was rendering a .obj model as a sword and I just to keep on trying with different numbers and then restart minecraft, till I found the perfect match. It was a painstaking process that took a long time. Then after I finished spending hours on trying to align it, I found out that in debugging mode, it will change it without you having to restart minecraft. So, just run it in debug mode and try looking for the perfect numbers
  8. I tried doing that, the problem is getting it perfectly aligned with the player.
  9. While that kinda would solve that, the legs are rendered above the body which suggests it is rendering the models upside down.
  10. I'm making a set of armour that isn't a set of items so you don't put anything in the armour slots in your inventory.
  11. Hello, I am trying to render a model over the player similar to armour but cannot align the position of the models with the player. I have been using ModelBiped but would much rather be able to use the armour model. I cannot figure out how to render it in the same position as the player while also rotating it with the player. What I ultimately want to achieve is to render armour on the player with my textures while keeping the player rendered underneath. So I have 2 questions. How can I align the model with the player? How can I render the armour model rather than player model? I am
  12. That's probably because your rendering class is never being called. It's called when your custom entity item is spawned, and you haven't done that yet. Your entity class and rendering class looks good, you just need to subscribe to the EntityJoinWorldEvent and spawn your custom entity item there. EDIT: Not sure if the custom entity item is assigned to your item by overriding item methods like you did above. If you don't get that working, I would try the suggestion above. The entity is spawning fine, I checked that by making it print stuff. Item#createEntity handles the spawning s
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