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  1. i have tried using the ResourceLocation but i keep getting this constructor error : The constructor Fluid(String, ResourceLocation, ResourceLocation) is undefined i am using the Fluid extension.
  2. im working on a fluid and i cant seem to find how or where to set the textures to texture my fluid. would i use a json or a normal class reference? so how do i give it a texture?
  3. statphantom your right you solved my problems , Thanks!! all i needed was the proper constructor.
  4. now i get this every time i try to play the game [18:34:41] [server thread/INFO] [FML]: The state engine was in incorrect state ERRORED and forced into state SERVER_STOPPED. Errors may have been discarded. [18:34:41] [server thread/INFO] [FML]: The state engine was in incorrect state ERRORED and forced into state AVAILABLE. Errors may have been discarded.
  5. no i know what a constructor is it just doesn't ask for one, thanks
  6. what is the constructor it does not ask for one. can you paste the constructor
  7. so ive been working on a custom command and it doesn't seem to work i cant use the command in game. am i doing this right? or am i missing something. heres my common proxy: public class CommonProxy { public void registerRenders(){ RecipesInit.smeltingRCP(); } @EventHandler public void serverLoad(FMLServerStartingEvent event) { // register server commands event.registerServerCommand(new msssg()); } } and heres the command class: public class msssg extends CommandBase { @Override public int compareTo(Object arg0) { // TODO Auto-generated meth
  8. so i probably wouldn't want to use this to store coordinates? X, Y ,Z
  9. is there a way that i can make a block hold an int that is different from the same block anywhere in the world? an example of what im trying to say is i have a block in the world with an int equal to 1 is there a way to have the same block right next to it and have its int equal to 99 and still keep the others int equal to 1? would i use metadata?
  10. ok ive found and overrode getArmorModel but once ive overrode it then what, how do i reference the model.json?
  11. the 3rd person view armor the physical model for the armor not the in inv/holding model
  12. im taking bout the model that makes the armor is there a way to change it?
  13. im trying to make some vanity items and wanted a custom model for them it will be a piece of armor but i want a custom model for it. how can i accomplish this?
  14. no im saying im trying to do something similar to the hats mod what im trying to do is render a model to a player also im not doing them like armor because im going to make a vanity slot in the inventory
  15. im trying to make vanity items and i wanted to know how would i go about rendering my model on a player(kind of something like hats mod).
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