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  1. Thank you so mush now i meet FOOD_LEVEL_ELEMENT in ForgeIngameGui and i see PreLayer#getOverlay() that is so work.
  2. Hello devoloper ElementType usually includes food bar or HP bar, but I can't find any. If I want to cancel only food bar, what should I do?
  3. Maybe if you change Capability(String name) { this.name = name; } To public Capability(String name) { this.name = name; } on package net.minecraftforge.common.capabilities.Capability i can do it
  4. Player#getCapability usually uses Capability<T> capability, Direction facing, but I renamed the class to NewCapability<T> I'm not sure. is it related? because originally it was net.minecraftforge.common.capabilities.Capability<T> is not something I created.
  5. Player#getCapability It cannot be used in conjunction with the Capability I created myself.
  6. You mean creating a new Capability and adding some methods to throw, right?
  7. Ummmmmmm So what method do you use when you don't have one? getDefaultInstance() method in combination with LazyOptional ?
  8. I need some advice from you. If you want to write a program to save the values in the player, which objects and methods should be used respectively, or just use CompoundTag? Run it now I'm disturbed P.S. Your library is awesome.
  9. --------------------------------------------[1.16.5]-------------------------------------------- I created the IStatus interface, it doesn't implements and extends. Then I created the class Status implements IStatus. Next, I created a class StatusStorage implements IStorage<IStatus> to write and read CompoundNBT. Finally, I created a class StatusProvider implements ICapabilitySerializable<INBT> and applied Capability<IStatus> to LazyOptional#of . Everything went well. --------------------------------------------[1.17.1]-------------------------------------------- First, Capability<T> doesn't have getDefaultInstance , so create a newCapability<T> for use with LazyOptional#of() . Once it was created, I added the getDefaultInstance method to the NewCapability<T> similar to the old version. But when to take Player#getCapability is used, it turns out CapabilityNew<T> is not Capability<T> , so it cannot be put in Player#getCapability So I extends Capability<T> into NewCapability<T> , it can be used in Player#getCapability . Later I ran into a problem: Capability(string) was not public, so I couldn't extends it. So I would like to use the same method as your library as mentioned above. but i don't know EnergyStorage, can it register? Below is the code I wrote in 1.16.5 for saving the values to the player. (P.S. besides not having getDefaultInstance and there is no getStorage() yet.) public interface IStatus { public void setEnergy(int points); public int getEnergy(); public void setExcretion(int points); public int getExcretion(); public void setDirty(int points); public int getDirty(); } public class Status implements IStatus { private int energy; private int excretion; private int dirty; public Status() { this.energy = 20; this.excretion = 20; this.dirty = 20; } @Override public void setEnergy(int points) { this.energy = points; } @Override public int getEnergy() { return this.energy; } @Override public void setExcretion(int points) { this.excretion = points; } @Override public int getExcretion() { return this.excretion; } @Override public void setDirty(int points) { this.dirty = points; } @Override public int getDirty() { return this.dirty; } } public class StatusProvider implements ICapabilitySerializable<INBT> { @CapabilityInject(IStatus.class) public static final Capability<IStatus> Status_CAP = null; private LazyOptional<IStatus> instance = LazyOptional.of(Status_CAP::getDefaultInstance); @Override public <T> LazyOptional<T> getCapability(Capability<T> capability, Direction side) { return capability == Status_CAP ? instance.cast() : LazyOptional.empty(); } @Override public INBT serializeNBT() { return Status_CAP.getStorage().writeNBT(Status_CAP, this.instance.orElseThrow(() -> new IllegalArgumentException("LazyOptional must not be empty!")), null); } @Override public void deserializeNBT(INBT nbt) { Status_CAP.getStorage().readNBT(Status_CAP, this.instance.orElseThrow(() -> new IllegalArgumentException("LazyOptional must not be empty!")), null, nbt); } } public class StatusStorage implements IStorage<IStatus> { @Override public INBT writeNBT(Capability<IStatus> capability, IStatus instance, Direction side) { CompoundNBT status = new CompoundNBT(); status.putInt("Energy", instance.getEnergy()); status.putInt("Excretion", instance.getExcretion()); status.putInt("Dirty", instance.getDirty()); return status; } @Override public void readNBT(Capability<IStatus> capability, IStatus instance, Direction side, INBT nbt) { CompoundNBT status = (CompoundNBT)nbt; instance.setEnergy(status.getInt("Energy")); instance.setExcretion(status.getInt("Excretion")); instance.setDirty(status.getInt("Dirty")); } }
  10. Hello Developers Usually older versions use Capability to save numeric values or other values via CompoundNBT via the forge library but in this version I tried to rebuild Capability but when using getCapability from Player class it turns out that Capability The new class doesn't match the old one. So I looked in vanilla and found CapabilityEnergy, EnergyStorage and IEnergyStorage so I looked at CapabilityEnergy#register because this method should is @SubscribeEvent to register IEnergyStorage But I don't know how to import or register EnergyStorage. I know EnergyStorage implements IEnergyStorage. What I want to know is EnergyStorage How can it be used?
  11. Can you example computeIfAbsent method from DimensionDataStorage Object ?
  12. Hello developer in the version 1.16.x i use the WorldSavedData this object have parameter string for warite Compound name but when i use SavedData in 1.17.1 for save some data on my world that is not implements INBTSerializable i want know how to save some data to world or level ?
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