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  1. Hello QuantumSoul, I've Changed, but the Problem wil be the same: OIL_FEATURE has a Name but a value of null. OIL_FEATURE.get() will return null. So it can't be used in the ... ConfFeature1 = OIL_FEATURE.get().withConfiguration( ... I've deleted MyFeature and the WorldGen Class. Both are not nessesary to demonstrate the error and put the functionality together in FeatureInit. I've tried a Dynamic initialisation and a static Initialisation. The last one you can see here: The startup i've put in eamoleMod in : private void setup(final FMLCommo
  2. I have a problem to register my Oil Feature. Im working on this problem about 2 Weeks. Can somebody help me. Iv'e tried a lot of Workarounds in 1.16.2 and 1.16.5 but the value of OIL_FEATURE will allways be null. #1: The Crash Report [13:45:50] [Render thread/INFO] [STDOUT/]: [net.minecraft.crash.CrashReport:makeCategoryDepth:227]: Negative index in crash report handler (21/23) [13:45:50] [Render thread/FATAL] [ne.mi.fm.cl.ClientModLoader/]: Crash report saved to .\crash-reports\crash-2021-02-20_13.45.50-fml.txt ---- Minecraft Crash Report ---- // I bet Cylons would
  3. Okay you are right. But the only way i know is to send an explicit message to sync between Client and Server. In old versions i've send an update when Tile value have be changed. This may have slow down perfomence. At this time i down't know how to do a sync for some values to Client Container it in 1.15.2. I'm serching for anExample for do this in 1.15.2 about 3 days... but find nothing with will work. It might verry helpfull to have some complete examples or an complete small mod to look at the code.
  4. Oky it might be a little bit strange. But i dont find an easy way to do this elsewhere. Normaly i have 6 Packet handler on the same CHANNEL.In my old Mod on 1.8 it works. Do you have an example with will work? In this forrum i only found the message class and the command line for CHANNEL.registerMessage. I kow the direction, but in this time i need to send update Information from Server to Client. In an other case i will send Setup Informations from Client to server. So i Need both directions. Current problem: i Have a tileEntity on server with wil be updatte au
  5. Ive tried to get my old Message System to work. When i send a Message from client to server it will work, when i send a Message vom server to Client I get anError: Can somebody help me. My Packet Handler: package com.wilpito.wilpitomod.handler; import com.wilpito.wilpitomod.network.MessageTileBase; import net.minecraft.client.Minecraft; import net.minecraft.network.NetworkManager; import net.minecraft.util.ResourceLocation; import net.minecraft.util.math.BlockPos; import net.minecraft.world.World; import net.minecraftforge.fml.network.NetworkDirection; import net.m
  6. Sorry, I've used the wrong placement. With Placement.COUNT_RANGE it will work correctly.
  7. Hello together On testing my own World Ore Gen Geatures i've fond an Error and i don't understand how this Error can Happens. When World is be createted the function place in Any Feature will bee called. When i Configured my Feature with a placement with bottom-offset top-offset an maxHeigt. Wenn Place is called it is possible to get an y-value with is lower then bottomOffset. On serching i've fond the Class placement witch is called befor Feture starts. package net.minecraft.world.gen.placement; import com.mojang.datafixers.Dynamic; import
  8. Hello Together, in my food work i_m a Software Engenner in Databases and create Programms in ABAP and in Progess. When i have a little bit Time i create special Mods for Minecraft. In this time I'm working on my Old Mod ( with have been cteatet in Version 7 and transfered up to V10. I've have 8 features with need to manipulate original Minecraft code. Therfore i've had a core Mod to insert 6 UserExits like: if(myMod.MyStaticFunction(some values)) return(value);; In my old version i've had my own Function to show Java Pre code like an Assemblerfile. I've
  9. I Think i need a Coremod, because Fire Block in Forge has an Error and my Block will be replaced with the fire Block instead of catching Fire. I Found a Possibility to do this: I Use original Class bow ( = FireBlock) and manipulate this class without obofuscuate the block. This is a little bit tricky.After manipulating the class i can replace te bow.class by programm in .Minecraft... Is there an other way? Do somebody now an program to reobofuscuate the Class instead of programming obofuscuated code in 1.14.4. Thanks for your help.
  10. In this time i need to change the Fire Blocks. when burning on my oil block. Oil is a Block with different Hight between 2 Pixel and 16 Pixel for a full block. When Oil is Burning on each Burn Step block will be reduced by 2 Pixles in High. I want that the fire Block begins just on top of the Oi and slide down when oil Leve is reduced. The second problem is, that oil is not a full Block. The standard mechanismen at Chatch Fire only works, when Block is Solid at Upside. Ive tested with replacing fireBlock at BlockTick, but there is an small error in Fire Block. It might be possible
  11. I need to modify two original Minecraft-Classes for inserting special functionality. In Version 1.12 i've had a possibility to change original Minecraft classes by Classtransformer. Therfor i've had 2 CLasses: * public class CBClassTransformer implements IClassTransformer * public class CBFMLLoadingPlugin implements IFMLLoadingPlugin Is there any Possibility to do the same in 1.14.4. Can somebody help me.
  12. The FireBlock in Forge ist different in function to the Fire Block in Vanilla. Details: In Vanilla wenn a Block Catch Fire the Fire will replaced only an Air Blocks on Top of burning Material. In forge (forge-1.14.4-28.0.100) the Fire will replace the burning Material. In this Case Catching fire will not work correctly for Burning Blocks ( In my Case on Oil). Some Program Details: In Function: public void tick ... TryCatchFire will be called: this.tryCatchFire(worldIn, pos.east(), 300 + k, random, i, Direction.WEST); this.tryCatchFire(worldIn, pos.we
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