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  1. Quick update: it seems to be something wrong with the main game as loading the regular 1.16.1 also goes into not responding. Deleted the 1.16.1 version and re-installed it and same issue. Where should I go to try and work this out since it no longer seems like forge is what's messing up?
  2. It got to the last stages this time with no mods in the mod folder, but then the same thing.
  3. The early loading program gets to exactly 87 MB off heap, then stops responding. I played last night and haven't changed a single thing except deleting a mod that I had accidentally kept in my mod folder from an earlier version of MC that forge told me about last night. This is for forge 1.16.1 and it's the latest forge version since I downloaded it yesterday. I've included my latest.log and debug.log since I see it requested for in other threads a lot. latest.log debug.log
  4. This is what I did. For instance (the link there) was going to the 1.7.10 recommended download and clicking on the link to the Windows Installer.
  5. I have tried to download almost all the recommended versions of forge (back to 1.6.4, since that's the earliest mod I want to install) and all of the downloads bring me to a site: http://adfoc.us/serve/?id=27122855628918 or similar and just sit there without doing anything else than display a completely white browser screen. What might be going on?
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