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  1. I was kinda getting that from watching it, but it was one of the few tutorials i was able to find for 1.9/1.10 Any Tutorials you would recommend? I tried shadowfacts but they aren't very thorough so i kinda got lost after a while.
  2. Hi, i am currently trying to learn modding by following Mr.Crayfishs Youtube Tutorial. I have started adding my own items, currently i have 2 implemented: - Woven Ring (plantRing) - Carved Ring (woodenRing) For some reason my textures seem to be duplicated, as in the last loaded texture applies to both items ingame. If i go into my ModItems file and change the order in which items are loaded or comment out one of the two then the other one will load its texture fine. ModItems file: package com.fierychocobo.dryad.init; import com.fierychocobo.dryad.Reference; import com
  3. Okay, so ive looked into this one already and i kinda understand it so ill use it for now. Is there any way for me to read up on the techne method? Just for future Reference?
  4. So i just started modding with Forge and am following Bedrock_miners Tutorials. I have set up my Workspace and made my first item, so now i have reached the Section where the texture and Model gets registered for that Item. Now i already have an Idea for a Mod in Mind so i am kind of working on that, which means that my first item will be a key. I don't wanna just copy his code if it isn't actually what i want in the end so my Question is, how do i make a Custom Model for an item? Something like the Thaumcraft Wands for example. How would one go about making a 3D Model like that?
  5. Hi there, I would like to know if there are any Resources or Tutorials where i could learn how to update an old Mod. The Mod in Question is MineLittlePony, the last version of it was for Minecraft 1.4.2 and it originally wasn't for Forge. I understand and know how to work with Java, i learned it at University. So yeah, are there any Resources where i could learn how to do this or, would it be easier to create the Mod from the Ground up. If so, then where do i find a good Guide for how to create a new Forge Mod. MineLP was a Mod that would change a Players Model to a Pony one and downloa
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