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  1. /** * Load up */ @Override public void load() { ModLoader.setInGameHook(this, true, false); ModLoader.setInGUIHook(this, true, false); } /** * Handle ingame ticks * @return */ int create = 0; int i, j, k; public boolean onTickInGame(float time, Minecraft minecraftInstance) { if(mc.theWorld != null) { i = (int) mc.thePlayer.posX; j = (int) mc.thePlayer.posY; k = (int) mc.thePlayer.posZ; } create++; System.out.println(create); if(mc.theWorld != null && create == 50 && mc.thePlayer != null) { Do Stuff Here } return true; } /** * Handle GUI ticks */ public boolean onTickInGUI(float tick, Minecraft game, GuiScreen gui) { boolean mainmenu = mc.currentScreen instanceof GuiMainMenu; if(mainmenu) { create = 0; } return true; } Hope that helps, that is how I do it.
  2. mrdare360

    AI Hook

    Simple idea, a hook for adding AI tasks to entities without editing the class, would work on vanilla mobs also
  3. I still can't figure out how to spawn the particle in the world without naming it inside RenderGlobal, i use the addEffect method but can't spawn the particle because it doesn't have a name.
  4. To add a name to my particle effect? I'll have a look at EffectRenderer and come back if i don't understand.
  5. But wouldn't editing RenderGlobal cause incomatibility with some mods?
  6. Could you add a hook to add particle effects to the game?
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