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  1. The mods are added using gradle dependencies. So they won't be in the mods folder. They're stored somewhere else but I don't know, probably in the .gradle folder in the user folders. And that's probably why the files can't be found. For now I did a workaround by overriding the ExistingFileHelper exists() method and making sure it returns true when the modid is one of the mods. Not the best practice but better than duplicating files in the resources folders.
  2. Hello, I am currently implementing data generator for my mods and ran into some problem when trying to generate block models. My mod has two mod dependencies that are mandatory. One is from me (EmbellishCraft), another one is not (Biomes O'Plenty). The dependencies are defined in the build.gradle. The problem comes when I want to generate a block model that uses a texture from one of the dependencies. The generator can't find them and throw this error: The texture exists in the BOP jar that is listed in my Eclipse project and a block model manually created by me and using the texture will work so Minecraft can load them fine. It's just the generator that can't and I can't figure out how to tell it to use the jar dependencies. Same problem when trying to use a parent model from my other mod, it will crash because it doesn't find it while the files are in the jar as well. For now the only way I found is to place the files in my own src/main/resources folder. But that's clearly not the best at all. How can I tell the generator to check the files in the mod dependencies so it won't crash when running?
  3. Ok finally got it working. I looked for Choonster's class here, tried it on my side and now I can color the line like I want. Thanks a lot for taking your time and sharing your code.
  4. I did, I have a working model, everything is fine on this side. I'm just looking how to apply a color on a specific layer and I can't figure out how tintindex works here. In my case I have a block with a painted line on it. The line is on a separate layer (like OP did for the ore vein): (stupid imgur blocking hotlinking...) And I would like to know how to taint it with another color so I don't need to make different textures for every color (even if for now I only have white and yellow lines planned). I've looked for many threads on many forums, read many docs, but still can't see how that would work (if that can be done). Edit: I'm in 1.9.4 but 1.10.2 is fine too.
  5. Hello, Sorry to bump this thread but this is exactly what I'm trying to do as well. I have a block with 2 models (one for the base block with a basic texture, and another one for drawing a transparent texture with CUTOUT render) and I'm trying to find a way to apply a specific color on the transparent texture. I've searched in multiple places but I don't see how to achieve this. Maybe the OP has found how to do it, idk, this is why I use this thread to ask. Thanks.
  6. I checked the lever code, but looks like they render it by specifying each part depending to the orientation. Only the lever itself use rotations but it's only to make a shape which isn't following regular axes. So I guess I'm good for remaking my render for each direction.
  7. I really want to avoid TESR especially for decorating blocks. This is why I use ISBRH when I can. I've searched everywhere if someone did rotate ISBRH but I couldn't find something... So looks like it's not possible to rotate, well I wanted to be sure before attacking the 3 other rotations. Thanks all of you.
  8. Hi there, It is possible to rotate an ISBRH like we can do for TESR? Basically I want to avoid remaking all my ISBRH for the 4 directions. I tried some GL11.glRotatef but it rotates the whole chunk, and using GL11.glPushMatrix(); and GL11.glPopMatrix(); does nothing (no rotation at all). Hope there is a way or I'm good for more ISBRH long coding.... Thanks!
  9. Thanks, ISBRH seems to be the good way. I successfully made a block using ISBRH and rotated the texture on the top. Now I just need to adapt the uvRotateTop to the metadata, I hope I'll succeed About the furnace: like Draco18s said, the only thing this block does is putting the front texture at the right place. The top texture never rotates (you can verify on the pumpkin block which works exactly the same way, the stem drawn on the texture doesn't rotate). EDIT: Done! Thanks for you help! If you want to check the sources, go ahead: https://github.com/KillerMapper/roadstuff Note: I just set the git earlier, and I still have lot of test files in. I need to clean the mod. Check TestRotateBlock.class, which uses RenderAsphaltLines.class to see how I did the rotating texture. Thanks for your help!
  10. Hi, First, sorry if this topic has been already mentioned here, but I couldn't find any solution... I'm making some road blocks with orientations. But only the top face has a different texture with a specific orientation: I can't find how to rotate the texture on the top without having to make a second texture with the line turned 90°. And I really want to avoid making additional textures just because I can't rotate them in the game... Especially since I have a lot of blocks in this case. I tried some IconFlipped but it can't rotate, it can only mirrors the texture (will be useful for my arrows and corners, but not for my lines). I tried to look at the code for logs or pistons, but I stuck when it goes into the render part. I found this but I don't understand how to use it (I don't even know if it's still up to date, considering one of the pages shows the old terrain.png): http://greyminecraftcoder.blogspot.com.au/2013/07/rendering-non-standard-blocks.html http://greyminecraftcoder.blogspot.com.au/2013/08/the-tessellator.html Any ideas how I could achieve this? Thanks.
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