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  1. Ok, I will try making my nick shorter. I wanted to keep it the same as my minecraft ign, but I guess I need to find something shorter. I am defiantly not using a web chat (HydraIrc) is a desktop irc client and I still can't chat. Edit: Changing my nick to Spacebuilder worked. Thanks for the help.
  2. So I have been unable to chat in #minecraftforge. I have actually never been able to chat in the channel but it never bothered me since I did not need to chat. However, since I am working on writing a couple mods not being able to chat is rather counter productive. I used to use circ but I have switched to HydraIRC since CIRC might look too much like a web client (despite preferring it's user interface). However, I am still unable to chat to irc. I have even tried mIrc. My nick (Spacebuilder2020), is registered, is exactly 16 characters, and I am connecting through ssl (port 6667). While not being able to chat in #minecraftforge is not a big issue as I usually can solve most of my problems by just reading the source code, it is rather annoying since I am definitely not using a web client. Can someone give me some tips on what I am still doing wrong?
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