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  1. Hello MinecraftForge Forum, I'm updating my mod right now to 1.13 (in advance, so less things need to be done later on). Everything works so far, but my entities don't get rendered. Could this be a bug within Forge? Even when trying to render my "custom Arrow", it doesn't get shown and I literally copied the entire RenderArrow class from Minecraft and registered it for my Entity. Here is my code: https://github.com/ThexXTURBOXx/Reforged/blob/1.13/src/main/java/org/silvercatcher/reforged/render/RenderCrossbowBolt.java And yes: The entity is definetly spawning (all the entity logic works in the background), but it doesn't get rendered.
  2. Ah, well, I misunderstood the description... Fail... For now, your workaround works pretty well, so I take it until I find out an other method to do this. Thank you
  3. That would be a good beginning though I want to code something like a "Thirst"-System. I would need to check, if the ItemStack was exactly a water bottle (with the NBTTagCompound). Some other potions need other values, so it would be good, if there is any way to get the ItemStack, which were there before c:
  4. Sorry for my bad English, I'm german, too (But I answer in English, so that everyone can understand ) There is already the class net.minecraft.advancements.Advancement, but I don't think, that you should already use it, because MUCH things could and will change I didn't test it, though, so Forge could be ready to surprise me.
  5. Could be or couldn't be, because the loading stopped at the exact same spot.
  6. Well, you can't know, that I already helped very much friends with a similar issue
  7. Did you try giving Minecraft more RAM? (with Java arguments like -Xincgc -Xms2048m -Xmx4096m ). And try to launch Forge with the normal Minecraft Launcher, don't rely on any other ones.
  8. Hello community, I'm struggling with the LivingEntityUseItemEvent.Finish-Event... I want to have a reaction, when the player drinks something, so I made a Listener, that listens to the LivingEntityUseItemEvent.Finish. When I call e.getItem(), then it just returns the ItemStack.EMPTY. The e.getResultStack() works well, but the e.getItem() is buggy, I think. It happens, when I drink a potion (the potion probably gets ItemStack.EMPTY for a tick, when the event gets fired, and then it gets the Glass Bottle Item). is that a bug or am I doing something wrong? @SubscribeEvent public void onItemUse(LivingEntityUseItemEvent.Finish e) { System.out.println(e.getItem()); } Edit 1: I forgot to say, that this happens on both Client and Server Side!
  9. Well, this was a silly question Got it working by adjusting the blockstates-json, thank you very much
  10. I tried to figure out, how Chests are rendered and saw, that the chest has got an item-model-file, whose parent is "builtin/entity". I did that for the black ore, too, but then the item is just invisible. Then I saw the function TileEntityItemStackRenderer#renderByItem. The interesting part there, is this line: net.minecraftforge.client.ForgeHooksClient.renderTileItem(itemStackIn.getItem(), itemStackIn.getMetadata()); Well, then i looked into ForgeHooksClient#renderTileItem, but then I saw, that I should register my item with the function, which is very deprecated... Should I use this one then? it would work though
  11. After changing the 75 to a 25 (which still generates very much ores), there are much less lag spikes. Thank you! ^^ Now, there is only 1 thing left: Is there a way, that the TESR renders the ItemStack, too? I saw a method ForgeHooksClient#registerTESRItemStack, but I can't get it working (and it's deprecated and should have been removed in 1.9?)
  12. Okay, no problem Well yeah, I should set it a little bit down But I noticed, that I even get lag spikes, when I go towards Already populated chunks. So maybe the lags are result of the mixture of a FastTESR and too much blocks
  13. https://gist.github.com/ThexXTURBOXx/26a2a89073d13bcd172a44c2d36878e2 Are you sure, Minecraft does that? With this code, I get such long ore-spaghettis (looks like, there is no offset)
  14. Yes, I'm generating "ore" with the WorldGenMinable-class: (I just hope, I am doing it right: https://gist.github.com/ThexXTURBOXx/c4ed6ab9920b2d9bddd75645c1df218a)
  15. Already thought about that... Yes, there is no message, I will try to figure out, what's wrong ^^ Thank you very much again
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