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  1. I overwrote mc.entityRenderer with an extended class that had public getters and setters, and set mc.entityRenderer to it in the ClientProxy . works like a charm! Thanks.
  2. Is there a way to move the 3rd person camera further back? I'm working on big vehicles right now, and they clip into the camera currently. The code I've attempted is both creating an entity in-world, having it follow the player 10 blocks back (on it's LookVec), and this: (assuming mc = Minecraft.getMinecraft(); ) @SubscribeEvent public void onRender(RenderGameOverlayEvent.Pre event) { Vec3 vec3 = mc.thePlayer.getLookVec(); double dx = vec3.xCoord * -10; double dy = vec3.yCoord * -10; double dz = vec3.zCoord * -10; mc.renderViewEntity.copyLocationAndAnglesFrom(mc.thePlayer); mc.renderViewEntity.posX += dx; mc.renderViewEntity.posY += dy; mc.renderViewEntity.posZ += dz; vec3 = null; } and both samples cause the camera to jitter back and forth between the correct player position and the new position. Any ideas or help appreciated! Thanks
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