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  1. I extracted the source files of OpenComputers into /src/api/java/, and put its normal mod file into /eclipse/mods/. I runned the client, but crashed. fml-client-latest.log Edit: When I use Gradle (gradlew runClient), the game starts corectly, with another mod that I added, but OC isn't loaded. Edit 2: Ok, I moved the mod from /eclipse/mods/ to /run/mods/ and it launched fine, but, when I create a new world, the game freeze. Here's the crash-report: crash-2017-04-11_16.13.33-server.txt
  2. What I'd like to do is to be able to use OpenComputers' API in eclipse. I also want to have OpenComputers when I launch Minecraft from Eclipse. How can I do that? Because I searched everywhere but in the end, my game always crashed or froze
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