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  1. How can I adapt the objectMouseOver() method's logic to use server side data. in order to get the entityHit that a player looks at and use it server side.
  2. Well, it works doesnt it? I always say "If it aint broke dont fix it" unless there is a more efficient way of doing it. Code can sometimes be tedious but every time you think you are having a rough time, think of the people who had to map out google maps. That took ages.
  3. The end position returns coords that are way off. and not the position of the entity the player is looking at based on the block position. In fact it doesnt detect the EntityHit at all.
  4. Is there a way I can get a severside raytrace of a player's line of sight to another entityHit? I know that objectMouseOver() is clientside only so, I dont know what to substitute for that. here's a solution I tried using the following that I found on another forum, however it doesnt work. Vec3d look = player.getLookVec();[/p] float f = 200.0F; // distance factor[/p] Vec3d start = new Vec3(player.posX, player.posY + player.getEyeHeight(), player.posZ); Entity entityhit = player.worldObj.rayTraceBlocks(startpos, endpos, false, true, true).entityHit;
  5. So what Forge method could I use to obtain the block a player is looking at for serverside use I know for client side i can use objectMouseOver() and get the raytrace.
  6. Yes but the server still has to obtain the block the player is looking at from the client, doesnt it?
  7. I was wondering if there was a way that I could ovvsride a server mod that I made with an optional client side mod that I made to interact with it. In other words I made a serverside only version of my mod as well as a common (server and client) sidd version for my client. I want to make it so that any player can join despite not having the mod installed which I was able to do with @Mod but now my problem is I was people with the client and only with the client to be able to oveeride soms of the serverside suff. For example: Client types /dirt on a block he looks at using a forge mod. Server then turns the block into dirt. However other people without the mod could still see the resulting change due to the fact that a dirt block is part of minecraft and requires no sidemods for that change to be observer. I hope what I am trying to do makes sense.
  8. Yeah, I was thinking on switching but. I need to learn its interface. Do you know any good places to learn how to use intelliJ and navigate through its interface.
  9. Could be it. What do you use? IntelliJ? and what would you recommend if I want to switch.
  10. weird, cant think of why that is. Is it because my mod relies on a dependency and there is a red exclamation mark on my project folder? Because the mod it relies on or expands upon, is in there and the client does load it up. I see it in the debug.
  11. I got it to work. For some reason after i exported the build into my actual minecraft it works. But doesnt work in the eclipse client launch.
  12. But I dont have the EGit plugin installed on eclipse (which is what I am using as my IDE)
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