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  1. The best way I think is changing wood material to material which doesn't let you mine block w/ fists (like rock or iron). The code for wood or ground material makes such thing: "Breaking Block.wood:3 is faster w/ only stone+ axe".
  2. Thanks for Worldgen tutorials for <5 block veins! Really helpful because all tutorials generate world through WorldGenMinable
  3. Can anyone help me and is this glitch fixable?
  4. Hi modders, please help me, some modded ores do not generate at all! The code (warning, it's long): The BlazedGenerator: The problem is: andesite and diorite are not generating, only granite is, also GraniteCu isn't (but GraniteSn is). When Ruby/Sapphire/Peridotite were generating like this: only sapphire was generating (what is weird because S. is inbetween R. and P., not 1st and not last) and same glitch was in my previous mod where no palladium and germanium could be found (the prev. mod was using forge 1558, while this uses 1448). Please describe me what is incorrect in the code!
  5. Yes, they do. Oh, that was my fault. I disabled static before I disabled flint ore... Right then nothing changed. About this.nether and this.nether==true - they are equal... But because of they are equal why can't I use 2nd variant? Because it's longer than 1st?
  6. 1) About static fields. They don't change anything, the error was in the AirGenerator class that generated Flint ore. 2) Asserts: view here http://stackoverflow.com/questions/3018683/what-does-the-assert-keyword-do it's from SOF. So maybe you don't remember java fully? 3) About I use this to minimize errors. I know is shorter, but that sometimes causes errors. 4) About 1 IWorldGenerator. I don't understand why multiple IWGens are required, solo IWG works too. 5) Horrible names for variables are really horrible, thank you very much for finding real fault!
  7. Does that change anything? I tested w/out static and seems nope.
  8. The IFGenerator: The Main class (i shortened it, deleted not related to generation items): P.S. = 8 )
  9. Updated only generate function because don't know what causes gen glitches. The function:
  10. Nothing changes when you add break operator. Screenshots here (forum doesn't want show em).
  11. Thank you for describing my problem! I fixed that crash but now... World is filled with Tungsten. Nearly 30 veins of T. per chunk float in air. And yes, I pass correct values to constructor. The screenshot of that glitch: Also, seems no IF ores, no caves and no lava generate below air level...
  12. Hi! I'm creating mod, I think first ores will be added. The ores themself work fine, but when I enable generator Minecraft crashes on world load. Log says: The IFGenerator code (shortened): Please tell me what do I do incorrect! And sorry for bad English, it isn't my native language
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