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  1. Actually, this may just fix the issue with Panes, it wouldnt affect the Glass Blocks side Texture rendering. And it is doable with an AccessTransformer, but as i seen its not possible to remove final from methods yet (already posted that as issue).
  2. I'd like to be able to make the default Glass Blocks / Glass Panes act as if the neighboring Block was one of their own types. In case of the Panes it means that the default Panes should connect to Blocks i tell it to connect to. Also, Glass Block should not render their side when you are looking through your own Block. In my Mod i did it this way (replacing the class files as a coremod): https://github.com/BStramke/NetherStuffs/tree/master/src/common/net/minecraft/src its not perfect because i had to use addToSameBlockList(Block.glass.blockID); in my own Glass File, which should be done in the Glass Block (?), look at this file for further info: https://github.com/BStramke/NetherStuffs/blob/master/src/common/NetherStuffs/Blocks/NetherSoulGlass.java
  3. Actually, how to add the XP param to the Metadata Smelting? (MCP 7.18_pre1 & forge I got it working: Just added this to the item (you could switch xp based on damage value then), just doesnt drop xp orbs: @Override public void onCreated(ItemStack par1ItemStack, World par2World, EntityPlayer par3EntityPlayer) { int var2 = par1ItemStack.stackSize; float var3 = 5; //Exp for 1 Item int var4 = 0; //contains calculated xp to process if (var3 == 0.0F) { var2 = 0; } else if (var3 < 1.0F){ var4 = MathHelper.floor_float((float)var2 * var3); if (var4 < MathHelper.ceiling_float_int((float)var2 * var3) && (float)Math.random() < (float)var2 * var3 - (float)var4) { ++var4; } var2 = var4; } else var4=(int) (var2*var3); par3EntityPlayer.addExperience(var4); }
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