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  1. I have a small server set up GUI-less, just launched with a batch file. I administer it via rcon. Sometimes I make configuration changes that cause the server to wait for the FML confirm prompt (and it's not always obvious when those changes delete items), but at that stage, remote connection isn't available. Gotta force-close the server, restart with the GUI, then answer the prompt. Can remote connection be made available earlier so it's possible to answer the prompt in there?
  2. Touching IDs in this case would enable importing a schematic made in one map, with modded items, into a new map with the same mods.
  3. Is there currently any way to tell Forge "use the same block IDs and item IDs used for this other map, with this new one"? Or to import/export lists of IDs and tell Forge which ones to use, or anything that would accomplish a similar goal? This would be within the same MC version (1.12.2).
  4. Shouldn't this be part of the tutorials?
  5. It's sad when people can't differentiate variable names from actual text designed to be read. If people are that worried about it, *shrugs* Oh well. =)
  6. LexManos =/ First of all, I'm not a grammar nazi. Second, I enjoy well-written English the same way you enjoy well-written code. My intent isn't to make people feel miserable about having their writing corrected. It's to have a clear message on the Web. (For once of all places) It's nothing personal. I don't care who the heck makes the mistakes, just that the result is neat.
  7. Hey guys! Are you open to edits for grammar, clarity and the like? I'd be doing that while absorbing the contents. (Perhaps this will make some people less shy about contributing. =)
  8. Wow! Grabbed it, many thanks. Will use as-is and keep to myself (although I can't promise for Google with a tasty link like that one) As far as loading mods: looking good, considering you managed to run Buildcraft with it I'm not anticipating any issues
  9. Unfortunately it doesn't... Startup with no mods in the jars/mods folder works correctly, and my mod is reported as loaded. However, putting the EBXL zip in that folder causes something to give up: There are differences in the class it doesn't find, though. For example, with the ExtraBiomes 2.2.2 zip, it can't find: forge/NetworkMod With Thaumcraft 2.16C, it can't find forge/ISaveEventHandler Oddly enough, the game seems to load fine with TFC's GemPack 2.9 (which is also a Forge mod that pretty much only adds ores and tools, its simplicity is why it works I suppose! Scott: Thanks for the solution to my particular problem, although I'll leave my question up with its original intent (script? possibility of making one?) in case it's useful for anyone else...
  10. Hi guys. Is there ANY way I can run Minecraft in Eclipse with MCP/Forge, while running a (zipped) mod from the /mods folder at the same time? I am not interested in decompiling the mod, but it offers functionality that makes my whole testing process speed up like crazy (specifically, it's ExtraBiomes, it lets me disable all the biomes so I can test my own biomes without generating a standard world and searching it for hours). I Googled to figure this out and could get no solutions except for a vague rumor of a script that can load the /mods folder normally. Any truth to this? (How easily could this be created? It could cut down substantially on time required to hunt down our creations' incompatibilities with other mods.) I asked in #risucraft for extra help and they say it's impossible unless I decompile the mod, which is an inexact science at best and would probably mess up my workspace. Thanks in advance for reading...
  11. Could someone update that awesome tutorial with the steps for builds 128 and above? The explanations are pretty priceless for newcomers =)
  12. Hi, I Googled my way to this thread and just wanted to say thanks in advance for the tutorial!!
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