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  1. Thank you all for the extrodinary help and support, i hadn't registered the swords with the items, thanks again for the wonderful help, you all get thank yous for this. Keep up the amazing work guys
  2. My crafting recipies are called in the preinitilization, and my items/blocks are both called in the initilization. I use proxies, if that makes a difference, the crafting recipies and the blocks/items being called in the common proxy. None of the sword crafting recipies work, all resulting in the same crash. It doesnt matter if you shift click the items from the crafting bench or normal click it, same crash in both. I was having trouble launching my game, i cant specifically remember the crash, but the fix was adding this code to my items class. I added it to all my sword types, respecive name
  3. i checked with forge 1448 , same crash though. I use a single ModCrafting class for recipe registering. My ItemModSword Class Is: package com.SackboyAlamode.Industrialization.item; import com.SackboyAlamode.Industrialization.Main; import net.minecraft.item.ItemSword; public class ItemModSword extends ItemSword{ public ItemModSword(String unlocalizedName, ToolMaterial material) { super(material); this.setUnlocalizedName(unlocalizedName); this.setTextureName(Main.MODID + ":" + unlocalizedName); } } My ModItems Class is: package
  4. Thank you coolAlias for the quick, descriptive reply. i will change the forge directory now and post my results when i check it. To clarify though, i have had success crafting other items such as blocks, but not the swords. Thank you choonster, i have registered all of my items i have added in my ModItems Class
  5. is the item id its unlocalized name? or do you have to specifically set an id?
  6. thank you Choonster for clarifying, i was unclear, i am developing a mod and am having trouble crafting items in my mod in a vanilla crafting table, specifically a sword Stone Broadsword, and tested that all of the crafting recipes for the different types of broadswords didn't work with the same crash. I am also a new mod developer, but i understand some java and have played minecraft for a while, i have been making this mod for about a month, making blocks and items, but as you can see having trouble with swords...
  7. Revision, i tested with my recipes for the other 4 types of broadswords(diamond,iron,wood,gold) and get the same crash in all of them, the code in my crafting recipes class being: GameRegistry.addRecipe(new ItemStack(ModItems.ironBroadsword), "CBA", "BAB", "DBC", 'C', Items.string, 'B', Items.iron_ingot, 'A', Blocks.iron_block, 'D', Items.stick);
  8. I'm sorry, i don't understand by what you mean when you say "show where you open your GUI" i am in a crafting bench, and when i click on the result of a crafting recipe (in this case making a Stone Broadsword), i get this crash and don't really know how GUI's work.
  9. Minecraft crashes when i craft a tool in crafting bench and i get this in crash report: ---- Minecraft Crash Report ---- // My bad. Time: 1/31/16 7:39 PM Description: Updating screen events java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: -1 at net.minecraft.item.ItemStack.onCrafting(ItemStack.java:481) at net.minecraft.inventory.SlotCrafting.onCrafting(SlotCrafting.java:70) at net.minecraft.inventory.SlotCrafting.onPickupFromSlot(SlotCrafting.java:127) at net.minecraft.inventory.Container.slotClick(Container.java:438) at net.minecraft.client.multiplayer.Pla
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