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  1. Okay got new info since testing with forge -1.14.4-90 client logs: https://gist.github.com/SDUBZ/8d41552ff14340232991e64cfbb57744 server logs: https://gist.github.com/SDUBZ/8ebefddad2901659afff327be9931ea5
  2. I think i may have found the issue but not quite sure yet need to do more testing ok my idea was wrong but i got the client connecting to the server atleast but the desyncs in a big pack are really bad Noted: syncing to the server can take upto 30 seconds or more with 1.14.4 forge on this current build
  3. they are matching diff timezones, im in australia and the server is in america
  4. okay to help with cross referencing timestamps etc server: latest.log http://puu.sh/EDflN/7cbeb98190.log Client: latest.log http://puu.sh/EDfmD/0522601e77.log
  5. what is this signature you refer too and how do i get these instructions , sometimes i think you are talking in tongue or something sir O_O can you just link me to how and then i can help you more
  6. **Minecraft Version:1.14.4 **Forge Version: 1.14.4-28.1.86 **Logs: server logs: latest.log http://puu.sh/ED9OA/2c19c206c3.log (used puush since forum faile multiple times to upload too) client log: http://puu.sh/ED8RT/9da00c2755.log Steps to Reproduce: Load with with the set of mods on server and client then try to connect to server and load in and get kicked a few seconds later mods.txt get the following screen Description of issue: 23:03:08] [Netty Epoll Server IO #3/ERROR] [minecraft/ArgumentTypes]: Could not serialize net.minecraftforge.server.command.ModIdArgument@760513eb (class net.minecraftforge.server.command.ModIdArgument) - will not be sent to client! [23:03:08] [Netty Epoll Server IO #3/ERROR] [minecraft/ArgumentTypes]: Could not serialize net.minecraftforge.server.command.EnumArgument@5d60f5a0 (class net.minecraftforge.server.command.EnumArgument) - will not be sent to client! [23:03:15] [Server thread/INFO] [STDOUT/]: [com.wuest.prefab.Events.ModEventHandler:onPlayerLoginEvent:48]: Sent config to 'SDUBZ_'. [23:03:15] [Server thread/ERROR] [ne.mi.fm.ne.si.IndexedMessageCodec/SIMPLENET]: Received empty payload on channel fml:handshake
  7. latest.log Not sure what the cause is because it wasn't happening on a virtual server with testing but is with a dedicated server
  8. your signature below where daemon im confused rn O_O
  9. The only debug log here (not the same date or anything ) http://puu.sh/EiF9z/63e1ae5d78.log how am i the user meant to make sense if you guys dont back trace it to the actual mod for printout
  10. there is no debug.log for this time just a older one
  11. latest.logDoesnt give mods involved to help user debug what mods are causing this
  12. updated forge to the latest and latest version of mod that was affected and it came back
  13. a new file appeared under my mods on server called ModPatcher.jlib not sure what its for
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