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  1. Well, thats just it. There haven't been any changes. Same AV and router for over a year now. There have been updates, and I use Mcaffee paid version. Of course crappy windows updates every time I turn around ( I really gotta get this on my Linux box..) and its possible there is some network setting that changed in updates, but I've gone all through that. All I know is that for some unknown reason, Forge 1.11.2 completely stopped working over LAN. I've given a whole lot of time to fixing it, because my son and I spent about a year working on a world together that we enjoy playing.
  2. Well, I don't know. but it sure is a huge loss of time and work. I've tried just about everything I can think of, and the only conclusion I can come up with is that they are trying to prevent forge from working. As it turns out, I now have the issue on my system as well. (I was trying to do it the other way where my kid's computer became the server) It's a real shame that I have to tell him that the world is unusable now.
  3. So this world is one that my son and I have been working on now for over a year. We are both extremely disappointed that we can not get back into it after the Minecraft update. I'm going to try getting rid of and then reinstalling an older launcher, I dont know what they did to the new one but it certainly doesnt like 1.11.2. (I dont get any issues with other versions of forge) While I certainly have no issues with updating, some of the mods dont have compatible updated versions for them. I will look into it and see if maybe I can get rid of one of the deco mods or something but I'
  4. By chance are these launcher errors indicative of a faulty install? Seems like there is a hash table that hasn't been or is improperly defined and that it feels it needs to download some kind of patch or backup file that no longer exists in its specified location. Again, I dont see how this effects connecting to a LAN game unless one of the errors is preventing a library from opening and the game window is timing out. I wonder if I should uninstall the launcher, reinstall an older version and make that work and then try to update the launcher again? I believe I download
  5. ok, so the non-forge game makes a connection, and other forge version games also make a connection, but this one doesnt seem to. I renamed the versions folder and created an empty one. Downloaded the universal installer and unchecked the maven box. Here are both logs. fml-client-latest.log Launcher with forge log
  6. thats good to know- I will revert, but I upgraded thinking that that could be the problem. launcher log.txt I can get you logs for a non-mod version and a non-forge version if you want- was going to get them to compare anyway..be just a little while though..
  7. I do not know if this is the right place to be for this, if it isn't then my apologies. HP dual core W/ 8gb ram Win 10 64 bit, latest Minecraft. any version of forge even if it is a new install *On my system everything is fine.* On my kid's system, it won't connect to the LAN game. Here is what I know: ( I have not tried a non-forge session but will do that here in a bit) In the launcher log I get like 20 or more of these errors: 12:06:45 launcher main warn Couldn't get hash for jline/jline/2.13/jline-2.13.jar from http://files.
  8. oh man...So ACTUALLY I have several worlds with several different forge versions all in the .minecraft folder. They are organized by folder- world A forge 1.7x World b forge 1.8x etc etc.. I forgot I pulled a mod folder out to figure out which one was giving me trouble and I must have left it in there... Lol.. Thanks, I feel like such a noob...
  9. I have tried several forge versions and all of them do exactly the same thing- crap right out at start up. I launch the client. I use the new green button at the bottom to choose which game I want ( i want the latest minecraft and latest compatible forge release based on minecraft 1.11.2) Then I hit play. The minecraft window pops open but it is blank with no writing and then the game crashes. I can play the latest vanilla version. I have the latest Java version- downloaded and installed it prior to writing this post. One issue Ive had- and I dont know if this actual
  10. Wasn't sure if this is a good place to post, but it is about 1.8.9 and the OP listed the Not Enough Items mod.... So I know it doesn't work for 1.8.9. which royally sucks. but I was wondering if there is any threads anywhere that can say what the issue is- I know the author (CodeChickenCore) stopped supporting it, and I know there is someone who claims to have taken it over, but I don't see anything past that. Just wondering- Why doesnt CCC and NEI work for 1.8.9? Whats so different in that forge version from 1.8 that stops it from working? I have a small server (Forge sponge 1.8.
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