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  1. I see, thank you for letting me now, topic solved.
  2. Hey, I have a problem with my Sword with metadata. I made an Item using variants (A, B, C) and it works good. But when I apply the same procedure to my sword, the variants get the same texture as the basic texture, and it looks "damaged" in inventory (with the green bar under it). See the problem : Here is the code :https://github.com/dylem/DylemTestMod/blob/master/common/net/dylem/test_mod/item/ItemSoulSword.java note : I also tried to add setHasSubtypes without seeing any change, appart from breaking my call to increase the medata to the item ( stack.setItemDamage(stack.getItemDamage() + 1); ). note 2 : addSoul is called from an event, but it is not related to the problem
  3. Problem solved ! The error was still the same, but it was caused by the fact that I didn't have a generic item model file in models/block/ ! Thank you all !
  4. Choonster did exactly what I did and it works for him, that's why I'm confused. I tried to replace "variant" by "test_mod:item_variants", or just "item_variants" and it doesn't work either. { "forge_marker": 1, "defaults": { "model": "test_mod:item/generated" }, "variants": { "test_mod:item_variants": { "a": { "textures": { "layer0": "test_mod:items/variants.a" } }, "b": { "textures": { "layer0": "test_mod:items/variants.b" } }, "c": { "textures": { "layer0": "test_mod:items/variants.c" } } } } }
  5. private void registerItemModelForMeta(final Item item, final int metadata, final ModelResourceLocation modelResourceLocation) { System.out.println(modelResourceLocation.toString()); ModelLoader.setCustomModelResourceLocation(item, metadata, modelResourceLocation); } That prints : [15:04:37] [main/INFO] [STDOUT]: [net.dylem.test_mod.init.ModItems$ModelHandler:registerItemModelForMeta:146]: test_mod:item_variants#test_mod:item_variants=a [15:04:37] [main/INFO] [STDOUT]: [net.dylem.test_mod.init.ModItems$ModelHandler:registerItemModelForMeta:146]: test_mod:item_variants#test_mod:item_variants=b [15:04:37] [main/INFO] [STDOUT]: [net.dylem.test_mod.init.ModItems$ModelHandler:registerItemModelForMeta:146]: test_mod:item_variants#test_mod:item_variants=c Here is the json : { "forge_marker": 1, "defaults": { "model": "item/generated" }, "variants": { "variant": { "a": { "textures": { "layer0": "test_mod:items/variants.a" } }, "b": { "textures": { "layer0": "test_mod:items/variants.b" } }, "c": { "textures": { "layer0": "test_mod:items/variants.c" } } } } } From what you did in your mod, that should work, shouldn't it ?
  6. I made a blockstate but still get the same errors of missing models. @Choonster how do you have no models for your variants in your testmod3 mod and still get it working with blockstates only ? I tried to do the same and get an incredible ammount of errors...
  7. Thanks, I get the error now. Here it is : https://pastebin.com/0yRa9HMw Apparently it says it doesn't find the file item_variants.json. I thought I only needed the jsons for the variants ? I'm a bit confused. Do I need to set the first variant as the "base" and redirect to the other variants from its json ?
  8. Unfortunately it does not, otherwise I would have fixed it myself. Here is the log : https://pastebin.com/G8WJsCkR
  9. One more thing, the textures are not showing up. Instead it prints the location which seems right to me :
  10. Nice, thank you ! Removed it because I wanted to change it and then forgot about it. Works now
  11. Hello, I tried to make variants for an item and I get a NullPointerException from this function (which is taken from ItemDye class) : @Override public String getUnlocalizedName(ItemStack stack) { int i = stack.getMetadata(); return super.getUnlocalizedName() + "." + EnumVariant.byMetadata(i).getName(); } However, when I remove the function, my 3 variants have the same unlocalized name so it doesn't load textures or names. Crash logs : https://pastebin.com/WcPiNHMb Full project code on github : https://github.com/dylem/DylemTestMod
  12. Yes sorry, only few should be replaced. That method would override gen layers on jungler hills I think I want to replace the jungle hills biome because I want my biome to be surrounded by jungle. But I'm making a GenLayer, sounds easier now..
  13. That would be nice, but I want the biome to be replaced with a random factor (to explain, I want to replace jungle hills with my own biome but it should be rare enough that the player doesn't feel like my mod changes the game).
  14. Hey, I'd like to replace every biome of a certain ID by my own biome, is there an easy way to do that with events, or should I make a GenLayer file ? The only event I found on biome spawn is WolrdTypeEvent.BiomeSize but it only concerns the size of biomes
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