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  1. Forget that mod! It would cost to much afford. I had another idea! Read this thread written by me: http://bit.ly/29yA517
  2. No one knows how to answer because they don't know how.
  3. For the guys that aren't as obvious what it should mean when you read it: You can make any type of Multiblock in any size until a chunk is reached and you give the Multiblock health. If you right click the Multiblock a GUI shows the health (and the status like half-broken or something). Everything of that is configurable (in the config, of course). When your self-made Multiblock dies it'll leave some random pieces of that Mb. Everything that you can edit in the config, just an example: NOM = nameOfMultiblock NOM.Health = 100 NOM.Size = 4 * 4 * 4 NOM.leftPiecesFromTop = < 50 % (NOM.leftBlocks = minecraft:cobblestone) It's a fun mod used in Creative Mode.
  4. Here's just one: Solid Entity/Multiblock Entity -Configurable in the config. Example: int Stone = S a=S+S+S "a" * "b" * "c" = multiblock... i dunno... b=S+S+S c=S+S+S
  5. why would i need to that, others could grab those ideas
  6. I use this for the template: https://github.com/Vazkii/Quark
  7. https://www.youtube.com/user/HyCraftLP/videos This guy is helping a lot more than any site.
  8. When I clicked on both pages :http://docs.oracle.com/javase/tutorial/ and https://shadowfacts.net/tutorials/ I was like "WTF? What know?" I clicked "Getting Started. After that I clicked "The Java Technology Phenomenon". Then "About the Java Technology". I'm like "What, that has nothing to do with Minecraft?". I quit that site. I go to the other one: "Oh, that looks simpler." I clicked 1.9...Overview. I clicked "Basic Blocks" cause there's nothing other left that would interested me. I'm understanding a tiny bit of that orange written code, but I've got some questions too: What's "this", "super" and "return". The white written code explains itself. I made one block with texture in 1.8 and later I also understood "blockstates". I looked @ it and I was thinking that it's boring cause you can't do anything with it. ShadowFact's library is too short but at least I learned nothing and wasted time ...again.
  9. I already had a workspace set up in 1.9.4 and everything was premade by me. I used some tutorials as a template and edited some code. I want to know how to open .class files to use them as templates.
  10. can someone explain how to open .class files on Eclipse
  11. i need help from someone like you if you're even coding.
  12. I got some very nice mod ideas but I can't convert them to real code. I'm too nooby and basic for that. I'd love to make them Minecraft reality but all of them "must" be written by a Master Coder because they're complicated and too extensive.
  13. So again I want to know how to create a entity like I did in my pervious post. Every single YTVid with the tags "Entity", "Multiblock" or "TileEntities" are pretty useless. There isn't a vid that explains how to code a multiblock, only tileentities. I just want to start with a simple entity thats based on a zombie and than later on someone needs to explain how to make the AI. Don't send links. Send code or informations.
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