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  1. Try creating a java.util.Random object (import it first). Call it rand and create an int, say int a = rand.nextInt(3) which will make a either 0, 1, or 2 with equal probability. Do a switch statement with a and use each case to determine what will drop
  2. Bump. Is there a command I can use to map the MCP names to the SRG names so I can actually stop those errors in Eclipse from occuring? Right now there are about a few thousand, and all are apparently caused by SRG names.
  3. But the addon I'm making requires mods at 1.7.10.
  4. Really nooby post here, but how do I deobfuscate properly? To decompile I used BON and the MCP and then JDGUI, but I have no idea how to deobfuscate. Also, for future reference, what does SRG mean?
  5. So I want to make an addon involving two different mods. I decompilied the mods (so all the files in them are .java files) and put them in my forge folder, so that Eclipse will see them. However, most of the files (not all) have errors now involving different method names (for example, the blocks in one of the mods use func_149647_a, but the blocks in the MC source that I have use method name "setCreativeTab()". So because the two names are different every single block class in that mod gives "method not found" errors. How can I fix this? I guess I could go through every class but that would be extremely tedious, there has to be another way to have Eclipse recognize "func_149647_a" and every other one of those. Probably did something wrong with MCP...
  6. Okay, I understand what you mean now. Gonna try it out... A significant portion of the mods I play (which are still being updated) haven't yet updated to 1.8.9+, though some of them have said they will update soon. I do want them to update eventually but seeing as my entire playstyle revolves around mods like those I'm sticking with 1.7.10. TBH this mod is more of a personal thing for my own experience that I may not even plan to distribute.
  7. Oh yeah, I found CombatTracker in 1.7.10 and got it to give me a death message, but the thing is I want to use my own custom (random from a selection in a config, the config part is done already) death messages, separate from the original ones.
  8. What boolean? As to other ways - whenever data vanilla gives you is not sufficient you use IExtendedEntityProperties (now 1.8.9+ @Capability) to store more data. That data can be manipulated from anywhere really (so e.g you can track such actions yourself from e.g LivingHurtEvent). Currently some of such tracking is in mentioned CombatTracker, which idk if existed back then (cmon, it's been 2 years, update). I have to start at 1.7.10, mostly because that's the version significant numbers of the mods are. Maybe later I will update to 1.9 or so (may just skip 1.8.9 entirely).
  9. So I'd like to make the chat have a death message whenever a (non-named) mob was killed by a player. This is easy for melee/ranged attack kills (I just used LivingDeathEvent), but how would I get if a mob was recently hit by a player before death (i.e. if it is thrown off a cliff or into lava)? For example, if I hit the mob and then it falls into lava, I want a death message spawned. However if it just walks into lava on its own there should be no message. The value in the MC source code that keeps track of this so it can spawn XP orbs and stuff is protected so I can't get to it... Is there a way to get a boolean that tells you this?
  10. I'm trying to make a creeper-like mob (it extends EntityCreeper) that explodes and then burns all mobs in an x-block radius. The explosion works fine but the burning code (specifically the part that gets all mobs in the radius) is giving me an NPE "exception ticking entity". Is there a better way to do this? Code below: List<EntityLiving> theList = this.worldObj.getEntitiesWithinAABB(EntityLiving.class, this.getBoundingBox().expand(eR, eR, eR));. //This line is the code referenced during the crash report for(EntityLiving entity: theList) { if(entity != null) { entity.setFire(; } }
  11. By "custom portal block" I meant the actual portal block (i.e. the one that you touch that sends you to the other dimension). Do I put onBlockActivated() there? It sounds like you're talking about the portal frame.
  12. Where is the code (which class) that causes a portal to be created if a fire block gets on a certain frame of obsidian? How can I modify it to use my own custom lighting item (not fire) to activate, if I decide to do so? I've already made the portal block but I just want to be able to light a portal and get it rather than spawning it in all the time.
  13. In a mod I'm making I want structures to generate randomly all across a dimension. For example, a chunk would have a 1 in 200 chance of containing said structure. How would I implement this? The thing is the only mod I know that does stuff exactly like this is a closed-source mod that I don't want to use and get in trouble for so I want some public help that I know is copyright-free. Right now I'm looking to edit the chunkprovider's populate() method. Worlds with the same seed should generate the structures in the exact same place.
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