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  1. Thanks a lot guys (Still don't get why the other events worked without registration^^)
  2. Oh sorry, I'm using 1.7.10. So what exactly do I need to do to get that working?
  3. The method is in my main class and e.g the LivingAttackEvent also works there. So it should work without the event bus registration?
  4. Hey, I want to run a method every second and use something like the bukkit scheduler for this. I tried it with the ServerTickEvent but nothing happens with it: int tick = 0; @SubscribeEvent public void scheduler(ServerTickEvent e){ if(tick != 20){ tick++; return; } tick = 0; //do stuff Also tried with @EventHandler (idk the difference^^) Hope for a good reply
  5. yeah I just got it... it was "random.anvil_break"... Thanks to everyone for helping me
  6. Thanks - but still doesn't work. Code is now: double x = attacker.posX; double y = attacker.posY; double z = attacker.posZ; World w = attacker.worldObj; w.playSoundEffect(x, y, z, "Sound.ANVIL_BREAK", 1, 1);
  7. I tried... int x = player.chunkCoordX; int y = player.chunkCoordY; int z = player.chunkCoordZ; World w = DimensionManager.getWorld(0); w.playSoundEffect((double) x, (double) y, (double) z, "SOUND.RANDOM.WOOD_CLICK", 1F, 1F); but it doesnt work. Where is the problem?
  8. Could you explain a bit more? I didn't find anything like that...
  9. Thank you very much, that worked! I'm using a Cauldron 1.7.10 server with Forge
  10. Hello, (((I am looking for a way to make a mod server-side only so Forge allows players to join without the mod installed.))) Also I want to play a sound for a player with this (serverside) mod. (How) is this possible? I tried player.playSound("SOUND.RANDOM.ANVIL_BREAK", 1, 1) but nothing happens. I would very much appreciate your help
  11. Thank you sooo much, I'm new to Forge Modding Spent so much time with that, so dumb^^ Liebe Grüße Kollege
  12. Thanks, seems helpful but I tried it and it crashes with the same error when casting it. if(source != null){ if (((source instanceof EntityDamageSource))){ Entity sourceentity = ((EntityDamageSource)source).getEntity(); Where is the problem? Its also pretty weird because I as a player am an entity and a player, so there should be no error
  13. Hey, I am working on a method that returns the attacker of an entity. I tried: DamageSource source = event.source; if(source != null){ if (((source instanceof EntityDamageSource))){ if(source.getEntity() != null){ if(source.getEntity() instanceof EntityPlayerMP){ EntityPlayerMP attacker = (EntityPlayerMP)source.getEntity(); System.out.println(attacker.toString() + " is the attacker"); } } } } These if-functions should prevent the case to go on if there is no attacker but the game crashes as soon as I hit an animal. Here is the error: Line 61 is: " if(source.getEntity() != null){" I am using the recommended Forge 1.7.10 version. I hope someone can help.
  14. Okay thanks. Is there a way to let mods and plugins communicate?
  15. Thanks for this great adivce but I want to use it in multiplayer and server-side only...
  16. Hello, i am looking for a way to use forge/cauldron Events in my plugins. I need the LivingAttackEvent (the Bukkit "EntityDamage" event doesn't work in this case), so I tried use Cauldron as build path and create the Event: @SubscribeEvent public void onHit(LivingAttackEvent e){ System.out.println("Test Message"); } Unfortunately it doesn't work. Does anyone of you have experiences with Cauldron? Greetings, bloodi
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