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  1. As the title suggests, there are news about the release of the Forge for the 1.10?
  2. Is ok, obvious answer ........ but ...... Given the novelty of this upgrade, especially for the lower consumption of resources, it would be necessary to get to a compatible version of Forge. Today it stops at 1.9, skip the 1.9.1 and 1.9.2 .......
  3. Released the 1.9.4 version .... when the Forge for this version? 1.9.2 never arrived ......
  4. Kitty, you can set the server with 1.9, if we talk about .... a server host in this way solve the problem, pending the Forge for 1.9.2 ..
  5. New on the Forge for release 1.9.2 ??
  6. Yes, ok, but I see continuous updates, the 1.9 !!! Perhaps it would be best to go directly to 1.9.2 .........
  7. As the title suggests, when the Forge for 1.9.2
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