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  1. I'm on a Windows 8/10 and me and about 2 of my other friends are trying to play on a modded minecraft server. We got it so all of our minecrafts start up without any crashes or errors. I went through a very descriptive video on how to make the server about 3 times now and still no one can connect except me. On their screens they get the "Can't reach server" error even when in the multiplayer slot. I've port forwarded and made sure it was okay with Windows Firewall and even downloaded Hamachi and told my friends to do it also. The only things different between my server folder and the guy on the video's is the name of the folder and that I have nothing for the eula.txt because it didn't ask for it and it runs fine without it. We are also using about 26-ish mods. Please someone help me...
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