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  1. Thanks, any ideas for places where I can find good tutorials about asm. I saw there was one on the wiki, but that is only private to public fields. ElConquistador
  2. I will try to look at NEI. And yes I understand that base class edits is not the prefered way of doing stuff. But is tjere for instance a way to edit the max health of mobs or a way to change/replace the current inventory? ElCon
  3. That is for other sorts of mods. But the mod I'm currently working on DOES edit base classes. And there is no way to do it without base class edits. So I want to know if there is a way to create a server mod that is able to edit base classes. ElConquistador
  4. That is a solution I could think of myself. But isn't there anyway? ElConquistador
  5. Hello, I want my mod to SMP compatible, but it edits base classes. Is it possible to make this mod for SMP? I know how to make SMP mods without base class edits, just so you know. Hope you can help me. ElConquistador
  6. Cool suggestion, I really need this for my mod. It shouldn't be only the player, but just every mob. A way to maybe do this is by giving a entity name and then Forge checks if it exists and if it does it changes the max health. This would add compatibly for all mods to edit vanilla Minecraft, but also other mods. ElConquistador
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