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  1. I know VANILLA command blocks work on minecraft servers (Im not dumb). However, the server I play on I am not an admin nor owner, and there are 0 command blocks on the entire server (Confirmed by owner). So why would the owner go to all this trouble to create this when I could do the same thing client sided with forge?
  2. No no no, I want this to work on a server and a String would not be in chat, it would be displayed on the players HUD.
  3. Hello Recently, I had the bright idea of creating a mod for one of my favorite servers. The concept was that (to put it simply) if the player was inside this region (I.E. X:100 to X:300 and Z:100 to Z:300) then a String (I.E. "Warehouse") would appear in the top right corner of the screen. It is a mod that would display a callout on the screen for the player. If this does not make sense just ask Ill try to explain it better. So, I don't have too much experience with "Modding" and very basic knowledge with "Java" and I'm looking for someone or some people to help me out with this mod ! So if you can or want to help out just PM me Have a great day !
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