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  1. oeps... your right... sorry for wasting your time, but still thanks
  2. I'am trying to add a new material type. Just to clearify i just starded modding (I have been proggraming for some time in c# and java on other projects). I tried to find tutorials and documentation, but i cant seem to find a lot... So if you have any critisism/hints/resorces i would be very glad thanks in advance. package com.test.testmod; import net.minecraft.block.material.MapColor; import net.minecraft.block.material.Material; public class Material_extended extends Material { //new Material Types public static final Material newMaterial = (new Material(MapColor.sandColor)).setBurning(); public Material_extended(MapColor color) { super(color); } }
  3. Hey, i'am trying to add new material types to my mod, so i extended the materials class. But when try to use one of the protected methods from material (inside the class that extands material) eclipse reports that the method is not accasible, I hope that you guys can help me. Thanks in advance. -Nouwan
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