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  1. So i fixed it thanks for the help i had to tell it to tick randomly which i suppose should have been obvious to me thanks agian
  2. Right I agree but that is also what I have (except light amount Wanted to test if it worked first), the code for spawning the mushroom works cause if I use bonemeal it spawns them but it does not spawn then naturally.
  3. I think you misunderstand my intention here or i did not explain it very well, i do not want the block to spread i want it to have a chance to grow mushrooms on top of it.
  4. yeah the vanilla class for Grass (which i was looking at) uses the UpdateTick class but that does not handle any of the growing its all just seeing if it should turn into dirt (but i just added it too see if anything would change but it still does not work)
  5. Why is this block https://github.com/void6425/Test-mod-real/blob/master/java/com/void6425/Testmod/blocks/BlockMyceliumBase.java not spawning mushrooms over time(it works with bonemeal) but its never ticking on its own but it implement IGrowable
  6. thanks for the help i completely started form scratch and it works now so who knows
  7. I will try just grabbing all my classes and remaking the whole forge gradle setup maybe it's some weird bug
  8. Yeah I prob should so that. But on my end they are not capitalized that's just a GitHub bug. This has really stumped me and my freind who is much more experienced
  9. It cannot find the .Json and cannot find the model but I can tell you it is there
  10. ok tried that and i rewrote all my code in a different way and it still says the exact same thing
  11. I said in my post that on my side they are called that but gitKraken wont see that and upload it
  12. yeah sorry i forgot to include my github link my bad and the error is saying its missing the .json file but i can tell you its there but the important part of the log (i think) is Caused by: java.io.FileNotFoundException: testmod:models/item/testitem.json
  13. So yeah like it says in the title the item "testitem" is not getting its texture (and on the github it looks like the .json is not capitalized right but it is, weird gitkraken bug i assume) Wow i completely derped i meant to include a link to my github my bad https://github.com/void6425/testmod
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