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  1. hoooooh. well it seems there's a lot of convoluted code that is hardcoded into the game. any suggestions on how to get a custom one? the code is in EntityLivingBase
  2. i'm using 1.9 and i cant seem to find the code for the actual function of the elytra. the ItemElytra just has basic defining features, seemingly nothing to make it move and function when worn. anyone know where this code would be? I want to make different wings in the game.
  3. here is my git repo https://github.com/ToasterBiome/minecraftmod
  4. So after finally figuring out how to compile my test mod, it works perfectly on the client, blocks, generation, items, etc. using forge 1.9 - Sadly, when I install forge on a server, and then add the mod .jar to the file, it loads the mod during startup - no errors. nothing out of the ordinary. sadly, no items are showing up. using /give does nothing because i cannot use the modid, there is only minecraft:x. no items, blocks, or anything show up in the creative menu, yet if i quit out of the server, and go into singleplayer, they're there. if i try to connect without the mod, it boots me and says i need it. this was tested on a computer hosting the server, connecting to it, and a remote computer connecting to it with the mods. the remote computer also has no problems in singleplayer. tried it with and without the -sources jar in with it, too. same problem. log of one startup - http://pastebin.com/imhdwPG5 mod in question - http://www.mediafire.com/download/ekrpykru96m43xb/tm-1.0%282%29.jar files before compiling - http://www.mediafire.com/download/43d6gw2hlzmv0li/minecraftmod.rar
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