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  1. I reopen and update this topic because I got recently again a lot the bug, and all I had already explained in my precedent posts doesn't change anything. It seems that the bug really comes from Forge.
  2. Ok already I will thank you because you seemed to have solved my problem, it was just simply a stupid problem of Windows permission wich messed my MultiMC installation. That it was the nice part, now let's speak about the wall of text you wrote. Frankly this is really unhealth and mean to judge me or anybody else only by my forge and some github posts. You don't even know me, we never discussed together, but you judge like you knew me since many years. But you aren't the only one in this case, I got some violent answers of some developpers on GitHub when I reported them this issue. I really can't understand this kind of behaviour, I have been always correct with anybody, I haven't insulted or hurted anybody, my message is pretty clear and well explained. And before to yell on someone that he is a spammer or a stupid asshole, you take the time to understand the problem and check if the problem is true. And if it's not, you give suppositions of where the problem could come, or you just close the subject and move away. There is no need to answer violently by injures. This is really an immature behaviour. And yeah I'm a developper, but you you are clearly not one when I see that you consider MultiMC like a cracked Minecraft version, that I should the Linux version while I'm on Windows and it won't change anything to the MultiMC behaviour itself. If you had readded my first post, you would have seen that I already tried to reinstall totally MultiMC, to use only Minecraft with Forge alone, to try with the Minecraft normal application and not MultiMC. And yhe MultiMC log is the forge log, if you had looked a bit the log you could have seen that all the informations come from forge and the mods wich depends of it. MultiMC only adds some informations at the beginning about the settings of the Minecraft session before Forge lauchs it and begin to register and set all the mods. And even if I'm a developper, I'm an human after all. I do errors like everybody here. I can't think to all the possibilities. The developpers of Minecraft, Forge and all the mods wich exists do errors too. If they were perfect, they wouldn't take time to release alpha and beta versions before an official version, they wouldn't need to open an issue section, and take fun to solve all the issues that "annoying" people like me report them. So yeah, you won the dumbest post of the year award. So now the problem has been solved, I close this issue, sorry again for the bothering.
  3. I had already published the log I got when this error happens in my first post. The only thing I get is that http://pastebin.com/vrY5Z3na
  4. I edit this post because I noticed that this bug touches all the Minecraft glass blocks and panes. Nobody can solve this error ?
  5. If you mean an instance with only Minecraft and Forge, yes. I already told it in my first post.
  6. I move this issue here like the devs told me on Github. I noticed that the ender protal frames behaved them really strangely. When I try to destroy an ender portal frame with an ender eye inside, Minecraft totally freezes, then if I wait, Minecraft freezes eternally, and I'm obliged to kill Minecraft with MultiMC, and I don't any crash reports. I can confirm now that this issue comes from Forge since there is no problems with Minecraft Vanilla, and the bug happens even if no mods are installed, only Forge. Some other blocks of other mods are touched by this bug too. The ones I noticed are : - Building Brick : all the glass, ice and packed ice blocks - Deep Resonance : resonant crystal - Biomes O Plenty : celestial crystal - Botania : mana prism - Blood Arsenal : blood stained glass block and pane - Evilcraft : darktank - EnderIO : killer joe, zombie generator, all the fused quartz glasses - Random Things : lapis lamp, quartz lamp, rainbow lamp, biome glass, spectre block, fluid display I let you know that all the tests possible has already been made before I create this general issue and post it. I already tried to : - Test the mods one by one only by installing them and forge without any other mods - Change of Forge Version - Change between the 1.9 and 1.9.4 version - Change of mod version - Play without optifine and any shaders - Switch between the creative and survival mode - Delete and reinstall totally MultiMC, Forge and all the mods Nothing of all that change anything, the bug still happens in the same way for the same blocks listed at the top. They always follow this log http://pastebin.com/vrY5Z3na . I know what the error code -805306369 means, but it's not linked to my memory, I have 16 Go of memory and I gave 12 Go of memory to this Minecraft instance, so it's not possible that I lack of memory. The error code isn't caused by Minecraft but by MultiMC which kills Minecraft, so it's not the cause of the bug. I already asked too to all the developpers of the mods concerned what could provocates this bug, nobody is able (with some who agressed me). For what I see, this bug touchs only the tile entities, and particulary the transparent, animated and lighted ones. Please don't tell me again that I'm stupid, that I understand nothing, that it's all my fault, that I'm a spammer... I already heard that too much from many developpers on GitHub and it begins to be very annoying. I'm myself a developper, so I know what to do or not.
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