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  1. Well ive gone to the java page and installed it installs and everything and when i look thru my folders and search it up apperantly i dont have it installed so im just not sure
  2. ive tried it like 20 times still doesnt work it shows it downloading but after that nothing happens and i know i have it installed because i can play minecraft but for some reason it just wont show. i guess ill have to play without mods but thanks for the help ill keep the thread open so if anymore suggestion on how it works that would be great but thanks for the help
  3. ok so i installed firefox but it keeps saying that java ins not enabled and asks me to go to Java Control Panel to enable it and i look and look but there is no Java Control Panel anywhere
  4. When i go to it and click to get the installer it says that chrome doesnt support it and that i have to either try firefox or internet explorer so should i install firefox and try it on there? ill try it and thanks for the link
  5. apperantly i cant uninstall because it doesnt appear on my apps & features so i cant uninstall it (aka i have windows 10) and i really still cant use it right
  6. I've been trying for 2 days now to install forge so i could get a map mode for my single player since I don't want to lose my house but it keeps asking for me to install Java Run time Environment Version 1.6.0 so the I click okay and it sends me to the Java page and i download it and try again but then it asks me again to install it even tho i already did.
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