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  1. Thanks Noppes! Sorry for the delayed response, thought it was going to email me when I got a response lol. Really appreciate the help! Here's the final script that seems to work to respawn the npc when the scoreboard value changes. The whole resetScore thing is to ensure all the npcs with this script are reset before the scoreboard value is reset. There's probably a cleaner way of doing it, but I'm just happy it's working now haha. var score = 0; var resetScore = 0; function tick(event){ if(event.npc.world.getAllPlayers().length > 0){ score = event.npc.world.getScoreboard().getPlayerScore(event.npc.world.getAllPlayers()[0].getName(),'bonfire',''); if(score == 0){ resetScore = 0; } if(score == 1){ if(resetScore > 2){ var players = event.npc.world.getAllPlayers(); for(i=0;i<players.length;i++){ event.npc.world.getScoreboard().setPlayerScore(players[i].getName(),'bonfire',0,''); } resetScore = 0; return; } if(resetScore < 1){ event.npc.getStats().setRespawnTime(1); event.npc.reset(); } resetScore += 1; } } } function init(event){ event.npc.getStats().setRespawnTime(9999999); }
  2. Hey, I'm pretty new to the Custom NPC Mod and I'd like to add a script to my npc that will pull a value from a scoreboard objective in the init hook to determine whether or not to actually spawn/respawn. I'm not exactly sure how to do this even after several hours of Googling lol. Here's what I have so far: var respawnScore = 0; function init(event){ //set respawnScore equal to value pulled from scoreboard event.npc.say("I have been initialized. Score: " + respawnScore); } Obviously it's missing the main component there of pulling in the value from the scoreboard haha. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!
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