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  1. Woops i guess its my fault... i do use tileentityspecialrender and i guess i forgot to place sideonly(side.client) =)
  2. Hello, i have a problem! when i install forge into the server or run minecraftforge.zip as a jar it gives me an error: ClassNotFoundException: bdm I opened it with a class viewer and found that a file was trying to reach"bdm" and "bdm" is a render file but the file trying to reach it does not have SideOnly(side.CLIENT) inside it and i think thats the problem I'm just saying this so that maybe the coders for forge can fix this problem =( Thank you ~Shane SOLVE: My mod tried to access a file, not forge =P
  3. The problem is it needs to work with texturepacks so that if someone is using and hd pack they cant tell its the "grenade stick" except the tiny fuse on top =( EDIT: since minecraftforge has modloader built in i can still use addOverride sometimes... right? =D
  4. Hello, I need to use the requiresMultipleRenderPasses() method in my mod so that I can have one part of the item always the same sprite and the rest use the default stick texture and since I use a custom texture file I cant access the stick texture...
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