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  1. Alright, I'm fairly versed in Java and have tried my hand at modding a few times in the past(normally just as a version dies... 1.6 before 1.7 started, 1.8 which was never large, anyway...) though I normally get stuck due to lack of knowing where to go to ask questions with bug fixing things that "Should be working" or from planning projects larger than I'm ready for. tl;dr - I know a moderate amount of java, Need modding help. So as I take another stab at the task of bringing my desires into the world of minecraft I figured I'd start by asking for help. Was wondering where I might find the best tutorials for 1.9.4 and what old ones might still be valid. Also curious about if there might be an IRC chat or something of that nature for getting assistance should I hit a sticky spot.
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