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  1. This code seems to trigger the error, but I still don't know what is wrong. And the init stuff doesn't seem to effect the code that much, but it's good to know.
  2. Sorry for the late reply. No, I never use Minecraft.getMinecraft().theplayer in my code. I also don't really know what to post exactly, because the error never said anything about my code.
  3. Well, I suck at debugging , so mind explaining what you mean? Also, This gets printed out in the console before the crash report, repetitively:
  4. This is a recurring crash that happens randomly. It doesn't seems to have anything to do with my mod, so it is just plain annoying whenever I need to test something. Anybody knows why?
  5. Yeah, I thought that was the case when I saw the code in the console. Any idea on how to solve it? Edit: I've solved this by adding and removing tags. Thanks for telling me the problem! Edit2: When they move, it looks very glitchy . Why is that? (i'm not experience with rendering stuff)
  6. Tried the isRemote check, doesn't seems to fix it The entire console after i terminate the game was this: I did see something like: Exception caught during firing event net.minecraftforge.client.event.RenderLivingEvent$Pre@1400b97 (number changes everytime, I got this through a screenshot). It has something to do with the dorender part, because it works if i just use event.setCanceled(true)
  7. I'll try to use packets to update that. When the game knows if the cow have a potion effect (due to me logging in and out), the console is printing out this repetitive message: The 212 line of minh2908.potions.init.events.EventSubscriber is the r.doRender part of the code that i posted.
  8. What i'm trying to do is have a potion effect that render cows as cave spider. Event handler: RenderCowToSpider:
  9. something like this maybe? and change all the getposition() with the respective spawnpoint (I don't have computer here, only copy and paste) also, learn to use spoilers
  10. I'm no pro, but I think that the method is called when you collided with the block, that means it will not take the new positions, as the player has already teleported. Why don't you just set it at the spawn point along with the teleportation?
  11. I've found the solution! Turns out the ingredient check was defective . Thanks for your help, though, especially on reminding me of the ingredient check.
  12. I assume you mean the potiontypes: In the Mod file:
  13. That doesn't seems to solve the problem. I'm pretty sure that the check that you edit didn't change anything.The isInput was my fault ,though . The problem with the system is that even though iron ingot brew the resistance one and fermented spider eye brews the resistance potion to the weakening one, the iron ingot still brew the resistance potion to itself.
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