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  1. That is interesting, it doesn't do that on my mod. I tweaked mine to try and find the cause, but no luck.
  2. I actually just solved this problem with a very similar mod to yours here. Shortened Version If you are doing this from RenderWorldLastEvent, it no longer maintains the player's head rotation. To fix this, you need to rotate the matrix so it is correct. ActiveRenderInfo renderInfo = Minecraft.getInstance().gameRenderer.getActiveRenderInfo(); Vec3d projectedView = renderInfo.getProjectedView(); GlStateManager.rotatef(renderInfo.getPitch(), 1, 0, 0); // Fixes camera rotation. GlStateManager.rotatef(renderInfo.getYaw() + 180, 0, 1, 0); // Fixes camera rotation. GlState
  3. I checked out his tutorials, but I don't think they will work in my case. The cubes that I am rendering are not custom TileEntities as they need to be rendered in any possible position. Using the RenderWorldLastEvent#getMatrixStack doesn't seem to have a matrix stack I can manipulate to get what I want. I ended up finding a solution which works, but uses the now deprecated GlStateManager methods. Render Entry @SubscribeEvent public static void onWorldRender(RenderWorldLastEvent event) { // Grab Minecraft instance and check if player exists (in world). Minecraft mc = Minecraft
  4. Like it says in the title I am attempting to update my old mod which can render cubes of any position, rotation, and scale in world space to the new rendering engine in 1.15 with little success. I got it to start rendering the cubes by using the MatrixStack but it only renders them what appears to be screen space. I've also converted all of my GlStateManager calls to RenderSystem calls. Below is some of the code from the project which deals with cube rendering. Render Entry @SubscribeEvent public static void onWorldRender(RenderWorldLastEvent event) { // Grab Minecraft instanc
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