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  1. Update or remove Optifine and try again. If it still crashes post a new crash report.
  2. Actually more likely to be something like https://github.com/iLexiconn/LLibrary/issues/104, though it's hard to be sure without a modlist.
  3. Server brand: Waterfall (git:Waterfall-Bootstrap:1.14-SNAPSHOT:9e17ca3:294) <- Spigot I would suspect this to be the cause.
  4. Use a version of Forge that is at least the minimum requested by that version of SpongeForge (which is 2825).
  5. Yes, that's better. [20:49:35] [Netty Client IO #0/ERROR]: Network Disconnect: Fatally missing registry entries [20:49:35] [Netty Client IO #0/FATAL]: Failed to connect to server: there are 180 missing registry items Your client is missing a needed mod (id: spartanweaponry).
  6. Thanks, but to be clear, I was looking for the log from the client, including you being kicked to the menu. What you posted appears to be a log from the server, which does not give a reason for disconnection.
  7. Please provide the latest.log file from your client after this happens. Also, please upload logs to Pastebin/Gist/etc rather than posting them in comments.
  8. You appear to have problems with mods causing cascading generation, check your log files.
  9. Forge Mod Loader version for Minecraft 1.12.2 loading You are trying to use an incredibly outdated build of Forge (why?), while SpongeForge is expecting you to use at least build 2838.
  10. Update Forge, and inform the author of the resource pack you're using that their pack does not properly support mipmapping.
  11. The version of Sponge you are using requires at least Forge 2825, update Forge to a newer version and try again.
  12. Powered by Forge This is not their issue.
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