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    I am new! <----couldn't have said it better! :I

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  1. and I was trying to override the method.... but I was told the wrong method. So that really didn't help, until I found the method on my own.....wasn't r it was There's people who like to ask for help a lot and there's nothing wrong with that. I'm always happy to help if I can. You should know that you're on a forum where repeats and people requesting help a lot will show up. You would think if people got annoyed by that stuff, they'd keep quiet and keep to themselves? If you don't wanna help and then just get mad or something then just don't reply to begin with. I've said this before, helping and providing info is a lot better than replying back with useless arguments, or complaints.
  2. I found I like to learn the hard way, cause the easy way is boring. It's bad but it's more entertaining for me.
  3. I found out what the problem is. It's something with the cullface. I disabled it on all the parts/textures and it pretty much show fine except I can see parts through parts. Like if i move around it the textures are fine until I get up in it's face.
  4. 1. Windows works fine un-activated. Plan on buying it tho. 2. You know what now that I think of it the backgrounds of the images are transparent. I'll go try it.
  5. Ok I got it working. I used @Override public BlockRenderLayer getBlockLayer() { return BlockRenderLayer.TRANSLUCENT; } But I don't think this was right... I think that's making a lot of other textures transparent.
  6. When I override public BlockFoxTechMaterializer() {} It gives me this error. Or am I overriding the wrong method? "The annotation @Override is disallowed for this location"
  7. This what I have now. "getBlockLayer" is getting an error
  8. Look at the block next to the item. It's supposed to be the exact same as the item on the ground. But it's not becoming transparent.
  9. Yes it was cause I didn't have my Modid what a derp. Thank you so much, but now there's one problem....the glass on the actual block isn't showing. Would anyone have any idea to why it's not?
  10. I made a model with MrCrayFish's modeling program and got it working in-game, the only thing wrong is the textures aren't all loading. Screenshot: Model JSON: Blockstate JSON: Can someone look at this and spy any mistakes? For some reason the glass is only showing up. I feel it's a mistake in the naming or something. If any other code/json is needed just ask.
  11. I know you're probably gonna be mad at me, but I did that like 100 times I just didn't copy it right or missed some little detail. I got to it by holding CTRL and clicking the TextComponentString. I'm sorry for making you bash your face into your desk
  12. I can't find anything on this and don't feel like asking for help on something that I should be able to understand but fail to. I'ma close this post or delete it or whatever.
  13. Listen guys I'm sorry, I woke up with a headache and was super tired from staying up late. I apologize from my anger/annoyingness. I'll go over what you said and look into it. Coding and Learning in the morning is not my strong suit.
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