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  1. I did that, and it didn't change anything. I know how to use conditionals, loops, methods, single-dimensional arrays, how to make classes, and how to use objects to store information. Is there a particular skill I need to learn to make modding easier?
  2. Not much, really. I copied it from someone else's mod.
  3. Can you teach me how to use proxies? How do I fix this?
  4. This is what my RenewabilityMod class looks like right now. Here you go. (this is after the changes to RenewabilityMod) Can you be more specific? I know almost nothing about Java.
  5. My mod has one non-vanilla item. When I run it, the item displays the "no texture" texture but otherwise behaves like it's supposed to. My texture file is resources\assets\renewabilitymod\textures\item\chain_mail.png. This is my code. java\com\renewability\renewabilitymod\RenewabilityMod.java java\main\ModItems.java java\client\ItemsModelsHandler.java java\items\ItemChainMail.java resources\assets\renewabilitymod\models\item\chain_mail.json What am I doing wrong?
  6. This is what I changed since the last post. The game doesn't run any different. (textures of added items don't show up) java\com\renewability\renewabilitymod\RenewabilityMod.java java\main\ModItems.java java\client\ItemsModelsHandler.java I didn't change any of the below files. They're copied here for reference. java\items\ItemChainMail.java resources\assets\renewabilitymod\models\item\chain_mail.json What am I doing wrong?
  7. Can you give the specific files in which I can find each of these lines of code? I'm not good at searching stuff on Github.
  8. I tried this, and it didn't work. (I replaced technorcery:items/fennel with renewabilitymod:items/chain_mail, of course)
  9. Can you show my your entire class? I'm having a hard time following this.
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