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  1. I am not blaming anyone... I just pointed out the facts. Of course I don't blame forge 😅
  2. Thanks for the reply. After some more digging I found how to do some of the above. The Tile Render will probably be the most difficult. I get your point that forge gives users a description of what it provides and we are supposed to find out the rest. I found a lot of stuff from reading source the source code and watching videos. The main problem that I seem to come across is the fact that you need 4-5 classes registered to forge through different ways with almost no connection from one to another. Unless you already know what is needed to create a GUI and/or a tile entity, it is
  3. Hello Everyone I've played minecraft for a very long time now and I want to get into making mods. I am already decent with java and I would like to create a proof of concept chest block/tileentity. I have read the current documentation and for it lacks noob instructions and example of working with tile entities and GUIs. What I want to do: Create a TileRender for custom chest opening animation Create a gui to render its content and implement the User interaction or even hopper/pipe interaction Avoid deprecated code for style points. What I need you h
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