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  1. Never mind that problem is sorted it was just me being a derp and leaving a shapeless recipe in that shouldn't have been. Thanks again for the help much appreciated
  2. Thank you that worked. but it did present a new problem the tool leaves the crafting table after 10 uses like i want it to but the recipe doesn't reset. so when the tool is go i can still get the carbon dust from the remaining stack of coal.
  3. i have put that in to my code and what i get is an error saying to create a method ironPress(int, int) when i create the method it doesn't work this is the code for the recipe changed to how u suggested i might not have implemented it properly. GameRegistry.addRecipe(new ItemStack(carbonDust, 4), new Object[] {"i","c", Character.valueOf('c'), Item.coal, Character.valueOf('i'), new ItemStack(ironPress(1, -1)) }); here is the pastebin for the error report i am getting http://pastebin.com/bY9mKtyv thanks again for your help
  4. Thanks for replying. I have no idea how to do that. This is my code for the recipe the tool is going to be used in GameRegistry.addRecipe(new ItemStack(carbonDust, 4), new Object[] {"i","c", Character.valueOf('c'), Item.coal, Character.valueOf('i'), ironPress });
  5. Hi i am a new to modding and am trying to get a item to take damage in the crafting grid. at the moment i can craft with the item and it takes durability damage but once it takes one durability damage i can not use the item to craft with again. import cpw.mods.fml.common.Side; import cpw.mods.fml.common.asm.SideOnly; import net.minecraft.src.EntityPlayer; import net.minecraft.src.Item; import net.minecraft.src.ItemStack; import net.minecraft.src.World; public class ItemIronPress extends Item{ public ItemIronPress(int id) { super(id); maxStackSize = 1; setMaxDamage(10 - 1); setNoRepair(); // TODO Auto-generated constructor stub } @Override public boolean doesContainerItemLeaveCraftingGrid(ItemStack itemstack) { return false; } @Override public ItemStack getContainerItemStack(ItemStack itemStack) { itemStack.setItemDamage(itemStack.getItemDamage() + 1); return itemStack; } Any help that you guys can give is appreciated Thanks
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