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  1. It is old version, but likely the modstats mod is unable to read a json file. Find the json and fix it, or remove modstats.
  2. So recently, any version past 1.7.10 with forge takes 10-15 minutes to launch. It's strange, there are no errors, the logs are just fine. It just takes a very long time to launch. An example a 1.10.2 server with no mods and the latest forge ( launching from command line, it sits here http://puu.sh/q3MIj/85ed1857b8.png for a good 10 minutes. This is with all versions past 1.7.10. 1.7.10, hit start and it loads up right away like it should. This happens in my IDE(client/server), any launcher(client) I use, and command line server. What is interesting is that it sits at 0% cpu usage. It only recently started, since then I've updated java, cleared the cache, rebooted several times. Still unable to find out the issue. If anyone is able to help that would be fantastic. You can also hit me up in irc in the usual places. *edit* I did all my testing with no mods. Also vanilla starts just fine. *edit2* When it finally launches, the client loading screen is a bit slow but once we get through the loading screen, there are no issues playing the game, it runs just fine.
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