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  1. I'm not talking about regular entities like zombies. I'm referring to TileEntity that apply to blocks. Is it even possible to put a nameplate on top of a TileEntity, or would I need to use an invisible armor stand?
  2. I am creating a block that takes an item out of a player's inventory and fills its storage. How would I remove the item from the inventory?
  3. Where are good 1.12.2 modding tutorials I can use to create a mod.
  4. I am stupid! There is a demo in the minecraft default resource pack! Thank you.
  5. I mean like how do you make minecraft like guis, like your inventory?
  6. What programs can make images for guis if there is one?
  7. McJty's tutorials made me slap myself in the face. Thanks Choonster!
  8. What is the best source for tutorials for 1.11?
  9. My last thread was to render in code models. What I should have asked was to code the models themselves. So how do you do that?
  10. An "In code model" is a model which is modeled with pure code.
  11. How do you render in code models? I attempted to read the Minecraft source code to try to find out, but I can't. Is there anyone out there that can help me?
  12. It's odd that I can not find a tutorial that answers this question. Try as I might to find one. :'( Can anyone help me?
  13. Ok, I believe I want to use CoFHLib.
  14. Hey, I was wondering how to transmit RF from 1 block to the next to the next.
  15. Hey, Is there a way you can detect if there's a block next to another block?
  16. Which I mean how do you combine PropertyBools specifically.
  17. How to make a block have multiple properties (using metadata)
  18. I looked everywhere and I can't find out how to have multiple block states on one block! I looked everywhere from other mods source code to online tutorials! I even tried to follow this link https://mcforge.readthedocs.io/en/latest/blockstates/forgeBlockstates and still can't find any solution to this problem. Is there anyone that can help me?
  19. I need to know how to make conduits render in Minecraft 1.10.2, can anyone help me? I tried using ScratchForFun's cable tutorial, but it's for 1.7.2 and I'm working with 1.10.2, so it doesn't work. I also tried looking at the source code for EnderIO, but it's quite complicated. I know as a matter of fact that you need a TileEntity, but then you also need to connect cable to cable, or cable to machine. Is there anyone out there that has experience at cable making?
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