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  1. Hey, thanks for your anwers ! Your method seems very good, I also tried another one : BiomeGenBase.biomeLIst[NUMBER] = new BiomeGenX... it seemed to work, otherwise yours seems better, I think I will use it. I didn't know about @Init, @PostInit..., but it seems useful too. @Odai : use access transformers. these awesome things I learnt about thanks to Ebilkill are really, really, really useful.
  2. I am currently learning about access transformers, that seems to be useful. But what do you exactly mean by 'setting new values to the variables there' ?
  3. Hello world ! I will be brief, just asking one question : is it possible, with Minecraft Forge, to change a specific Biome generation without modifying any BiomeGen<BIOME_NAME>.java ? Because I would not like to modify base classes. That's all, thanks for your time !
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