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  1. Hey there! Need some help! My game crashes on connecting to server. As I see it happens on the stage of loading the world. The game says "Encrypting...", then there is just the dirt screen for a few seconds, and then it says "saving chunks" and crashes. Can you say the reason of the crush? Here's the crush report: The log will be below in the comments
  2. Fine, without it the server launched successfully! Thank you
  3. Hey there again I completed my server with with a branch of mods I wanted and it went ok at first... Then it suddenly started crashing with no clear reason for me. I'll post crash report and log below in the comments.
  4. Hey there, my Minecraft server crushes and I don't know why, can someone tell me what's going on? Here's the log: https://yadi.sk/d/y6h3kEjQ3UhCRA Here's crush report: https://yadi.sk/d/e3xnZvgtOOM7tQ Sorry, can't post the text itself, forum gives an error while publishing (it seems to be just too mach text) Looking forward to your help!
  5. No more issues, putting Enemyz on server resolved my problem! Thank you for your help! ☺️
  6. Ok, I'll put it on the server too or just delete from everywhere Though, the server prevents me to connect if any of those client-side mods are installed on my client
  7. If matters, I run the client on a laptop with Windows 8.1 and I run the server on a MacBook with MacOS 10.14.6
  8. Hey, guys I've got a problem with entering my minecraft server (1.14.4). So, it is modded, has the latest version of Forge (28.0.45 by now) as well as the client. Almost the same modes installed. The only difference is that there are some client-only modes on my client. My client mods list (the exact file names): And my server mods list (the exact file names): As you can see, the only difference is that in my client "mods" folder there are additional "[Client only]" mods, which are not installed on the server (I tried to, but they
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