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  1. I tried to use bdcraft cubik but when I tried to create a texture I proposed to impose on each gransheypa its texture, but I need a complex texture that I used. P.s I need a demon skeleton dragon.
  2. I mean UV map, in vanilla minecraft they are not present. Model creator mrcrayfish does not use them, it uses the usual texture for shapes sides. >https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/UV_mapping
  3. Is your BaseItems class of type Item? I bet not. Yes.
  4. No, I'm talking about the texture to the model, for example is such a reamer:
  5. I tried this: public BaseItems() { setUnlocalizedName(getRegistryName()); } It did not work.
  6. I setRegistryName and setUnlocalizedName the same as asking me setRegistryName from *? How to return setUnlocalizedName setRegistryName?
  7. hello, scanning for units still relevant?
  8. which register is better to write the register name? [*]CACHE_WALL [*]cache_wall
  9. I am using the login name to specify the path to the file json, I do not want it to be with a capital letter.
  10. I ask setRegistryName in the constructor of my unit, but I can not use the name to register in a class in which I register blocks. Even if I set the name to register in the class registration, I can not use it. public static Block CACHE_WALL = new BlockCacheWall().setRegistryName("cache_wall"); public static void GameRegistry() { GameRegistry.register(cache_wall); //then an error }
  11. Model Creator create MrCrayfish's Why not use the unfolding textures? Thaumcraft I looked it uses scan texture. This idea MrCrayfish's ?
  12. Previously used Tabula, now it does not support eksport in json. Model Creator would not create MrCrayfish's unwrap the texture is not very convenient. What editor json models are you using?
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