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  1. Okay great, but how do I get from a folder of the libraries to a selectable Forge version in the profile editor? I'm guessing the libraries folder merges with the one in the .minecraft/ folder but how do I get the version .jar file to actually use it? Is running the Forge installer afterward enough? I don't want to mess something up by assuming the wrong thing.
  2. Because, like I already said, I'd rather not drive half an hour one way to the nearest public Wi-Fi just to spend ten seconds downloading something. I live in a tiny farm town, surrounded by woods; there's nothing with Wi-Fi nearby.
  3. I can download the installer and everything from my phone, but I don't have home internet so I can't actually use the installer on my laptop (nd tethering to my phone connection is quite ridiculously not an option for unlimited data plans, either)... And I'd like not to have to drive half an hour to the nearest public Wi-Fi just to connect my laptop for ten seconds... Is there any way to get a list of what the installer needs to download so I can download them individually from my phone and somehow manually install them on my laptop as a new profile myself?
  4. Back in 1.7 I thought all you had to do was make a public static final Enchantment, but that doesn't work. Then I read something on here saying in 1.9 you had to register it with GameRegistry.register() but there's no option to do that for enchantments in 1.10. So how are you supposed to register them now? And since there's apparently no Enchantment.addToBookList() anymore, how do I make the enchanted books appear in creative?
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